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Best Water Rowing Machine 2022

WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood with S4 Monitor

The monitor is a S4 performance monitor that will track information about your workout on several different windows.Expert Reviewer: Emanuel Caplin

Quick Summary:
Rowers are a great means of exercise that will work about 84 percent of the muscles in your body.

The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine provides a low impact workout that can burn up to 1,000 calories an hour. What more can you possibly want in a rower? Well, you most likely want comfort, a display that monitors your progress, and a machine durable enough to last you and your family for several years.

This device has all of those features and more, so if you are looking for a great water rowing machine to exercise, the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is the best option on the market.

Selecting a Water Rowing Machine

Exercise is an important part of life, but finding the time to actually go to the gym can be difficult. There are a lot of different types of machines that you can use in your home, but space is always going to be a consideration when you decide which machine to purchase. One machine that has been becoming increasingly popular for home gyms is the water rowing machine; in part due to Frank Underwood’s use of the machine in the Netflix series “House of Cards.”

In truth, a water rowing machines and elliptical stepper machines can be a great way to get in shape without leaving the comforts of your home, but what is the best water rowing machine? I too fell into this trend of wanting a rower, and I have found the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine to be the best water rowing machine on the market. There are several features that make this one stand out; let’s take a look at a few of them.

Build Quality

The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is about 20 inches high, 22.25 inches wide, and 82.25 inches long. It weighs about 66.5 pounds, but when the tank is filled with water, it weighs 103.5 pounds, so it may be difficult to move by yourself with the water tank filled.

The wooden base of this rower is made from handcrafted ash wood that has been stained with a rosewood finish that looks amazing. In addition, the actual frame is extremely durable. It is designed with a low center of gravity, which means that the unit will not make a lot of noise when you are using it. Of course, you may hear the water swooshing and the seat gliding, but it will still be quiet enough to watch television while you exercise.

The water tank is made from polycarbonate, which is one of the most durable plastic materials available. It is nearly unbreakable, and the only maintenance it requires is a chlorine tablet to maintain clean and clear water in the tank.


The monitor is an S4 performance monitor that will track information about your workout on several different windows. The intensity window will inform you of the speed in which you are rowing. This information can be displayed in miles per hour, minutes per 500 meters, or you can choose from a few other options. The number of calories you burn each hour will also be displayed.

There is a stroke rate window that informs you how many strokes per minute you are performing. A heart rate display can be used to track your heart beats per minute; in fact, you can even connect a fitness monitor to the unit if you like. There is a target zone option that allows you to track both your heart rate and your stroke rate, and there is a duration window to display the length of time that you have been rowing. This will also allow you to set an amount of time to work out and it will inform you how much time is remaining. You can do the same thing with distance if you prefer.

The display does require four AA batteries, so make sure to stock up to keep track of your workout statistics. One caveat with the display is that it is not backlit at all, so if you are working out at night or in a room with low lighting, it may be difficult to see the details of the display. In addition, there is rowing software that can be used by linking your computer up to the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine.

Ease of Assembly

Assembling this device is actually rather simple. An Allen wrench is included in the packaging to help you connect all of the parts, and even if you are not an individual who typically constructs and assembles items, you should have no issue getting it together in less than 30 minutes of time. It actually comes partially assembled in the package, so the process is already started for you.

Comfort Level

If you plan to exercise on this machine for extended periods of time, it is important that you are comfortable. The seat on the device is padded to provide you with the comfort you need. In addition, the seat is connected with eight bearings that help steady the seat as you row. The handle comfortably conforms to the contours of your palm, and the foot rests provide you with a stable base while you are rowing.


There are a few restrictions that you should consider before making a purchase. The weight limit of this rower is 1,000 pounds, which means that there really is not much of a limitation at all. This unit is designed for relatively tall individuals, so it can accommodate anyone who is up to six feet four inches. If you happen to be over this height, it may still work for you, depending on the length of your legs, so check out a local gym to see if this type of machine can accommodate your body type. Smaller stature individuals should not have any issues using the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine.


Unless you have a dedicated fitness room, there is a good chance that you will not be keeping this device on the floor in the center of your living space all the time. You will want to store it away, especially when guests are visiting because it has an extremely large footprint that will clutter your space. Luckily, the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine is easy to stand upright and store it away.

The unit is a bit on the heavy side, so you can remove the water tank to decrease the weight of the machine. Once it is upright, there are dual caster wheels on the machine to help you move it to an area that is out of the way easily. Once it is stored, the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine will only take up the space of a kitchen stool, which is a much smaller footprint.


When you decide to purchase such a large device, it is important to make sure that a manufacturer warranty is included. The WaterRower Club Rowing Machine comes with a three year warranty on the frame of the unit and a one year warranty to cover the cost of the parts. If you decide to fill out the registration form that you receive when you purchase the device, the warranties will be extended. This extension provides a five year manufacturer warranty on the frame of the WaterRower Club Rowing Machine and a three year warranty on the parts.

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