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Best Tandem Kayak 2023

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak

If you do decide to take the Manta out for fishing then you can clip your paddles into the built in handle cradle when you don’t need to paddle around.Expert Reviewer: Tyler Walsh

Quick Summary:
At the end of the day what most people want out of a tandem kayak is simple: a vehicle that allows them the flexibility to hit the open water with the assurance that they’ll be safe once out there.

The hull width, increased cargo hold, and extra space for a third rider make the Manta Tandem the perfect entry level tandem kayak. When you don’t want to ride tandem you can simply move the front seat forward and ride solo with just as much comfort.

While you won’t hit extreme speeds in the Manta, you’ll be able to go for a long time in just about any conditions.

Selecting a Tandem Kayak

If you are interested in hitting the water and catching some sun this summer then you might want to consider kayaking. Kayaking is an excellent summer activity that combines cardio exercise with muscular endurance. Whether you are hitting roiling rivers or tame lakes you will want to make sure you go home with the right kayak. Today we are going to be looking at tandem kayaks and, more specifically, the Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Kayak.

Why ride tandem?

There are many reasons to consider opting for a tandem kayak over single seat kayaks. Primarily you would want to shop for a tandem kayak if you think that you’ll be riding with a partner the majority of the time that you are in the water. Whether you want to ride with a family member or your significant other, tandem kayaking can be a morale boosting and relationship building exercise. I’m going to run down a short list featuring the pros and cons of going tandem.

Pros to tandem riding:

1) Relationship Building: First and foremost the primary benefit of riding tandem is that you get to spend some quality one on one time with someone you care about. You’ll be able to work together to accomplish a task, share conversation along the way, and benefit from the other persons’ company while in the boat.

2) Price Efficient: If you opt to purchase a tandem kayak then you are going to instantly be saving cash. The 10 Foot Manta Tandem is a two person kayak that will only run you around $500 at the register. If you were to purchase two individual kayaks then you could easily double that price.

3) Higher Endurance: When you ride tandem in a kayak you will be sharing your strength and energy with another person. This will allow you to ease up and rest while your partner carries the load, and vice versa.

Cons to tandem riding:

1) Lack of Freedom: The biggest issue with tandem riding is that you can’t go off on your own during an outing. If you or your partner are impatient then you’ll want to consider opting instead for two individual kayaks.

2) Cooperation Problems: The second biggest issue riding tandem is that you’ll have to focus on getting along with your partner. If you and your partner are out of sync while riding the K2 then you might end up bickering. On the other hand this allows you to really develop your relationship with one another.

Lifetime 10 Foot Manta Tandem Review

Now that we’ve laid out general background information we can talk about the Lifetime 10 Foot Tandem Kayak. When you go shopping for your tandem kayak you are going to see literally hundreds of options available to you. While we can’t definitively say that they are wrong for you, we will say that the Lifetime Manta is one of the highest ranking tandem kayaks out there– for a variety of reasons. Let’s break down this beautiful kayak and show just why it might be right for you.

We’re going to start off by looking at the general aesthetic that is on display here. The Lifetime 10 Foot Manta is a vibrant yellow with upright black backrests and a pair of sleek paddles. At face value this is a good looking kayak that gives off the old school vibe that you are here to kayak, not just look like a kayaker.

The Manta is ten feet long and designed for utilization by two riders. However, you can easily operate the Manta as a singular rider if you lack having a partner on a day that you want to go out and hit the water. This flexibility isn’t always apparent and many other tandems won’t be usable without a partner. Whether you have a partner or not, however, you are going to be limited to about 500 pound weight capacity. Place your heavier body in back and let the lighter rider sit up front.

The 10 Foot Manta is built out of heavy duty polyethylene plastic and this allows the kayak to maintain a genuine light weight. The kayak weighs 65 pounds when empty and is easy to move whether you are alone or with a partner. You can easily strap this kayak to your roof without requiring a second set of hands. Light weight and durable is about as good as you can ask for in these categories.

While considered an entry level tandem kayak in actuality the Manta Tandem is built to endure just about anything you can throw at it. The tunnel hull design allows for increased stability and the already durable build means that you can hit even some pretty rough waters before having to worry about anything. We’ve seen people take out the Manta for fishing expeditions, river kayaking, as well as relaxed and gentle lake sailing. If you do decide to take the Manta out for fishing then you can clip your paddles into the built in handle cradle when you don’t need to paddle around.

The seats on the Manta Tandem ride high which will allow you to stay comfortably above the water and reasonably dry. The cushioned backrests keep you comfortable while the enlarged cargo hold allows you room to stretch your legs or store extra gear.There are scupper holes drilled into the Manta to allow for draining in the cockpit and extra space if you wish to get a third, albeit smaller, rider involved. This isn’t a luxury vehicle but you’ll surely feel like it when you first take the Manta out onto the water.

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