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Best Road Bike Under 300 Dollars 2023

Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano

Aluminum is among the most popular materials for road bike construction, and for good reason. Aluminum is extremely lightweight, and this bike is the lightest in its class at only 24 lbs.Expert Reviewer: Robert Montoya

Quick Summary:
The Vilano Aluminum Road Bike is an entry-level road bike. While I would not recommend it to experienced for a professional cyclist, it is a great option for those looking to enter the sport but not wanting to shell out a large sum of money.

This beginners bike is a good quality build despite the low cost. Keep in mind that as you gain more experience you can begin to upgrade components like the saddle, wheel-set, or handlebar.

Selecting a Road Bike

Breaking into the world of road biking could be a great idea for several reasons. If you’re into health and fitness, you may be interested in knowing that road biking comes with its fair share of health benefits such as improved cardiovascular health and building strength in your joints. Additionally, road biking is a great and environmentally friendly option for people who wish to commute without the use of their car. Or maybe you’re just looking for adventure and think a road bike is a perfect way to go and find it.

What could be stopping you from jumping in and making the purchase? It’s is probably the high costs typically associated with good-quality road bikes. Some of the most popular high-end bikes reach costs of $9,000!

After doing my research, though, I have discovered that you can definitely get a great road bike for under $300. The Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano could be the perfect road bike for new bikers and those on a budget.

Features and Benefits:

6061 double-butted aluminum frame: Aluminum is among the most popular materials for road bike construction, and for good reason. Aluminum is extremely lightweight, and this bike is the lightest in its class at only 24 lbs. The 6061 alloy makeup is superior to the 7005 alloy found on many other bikes. Additionally, the double-butted frame allows this bike to be lightweight by using less material in the center of the tubes.

700c 1 1/8 inch threadless fork: Threaded forks are mostly found on older model bikes, and are often considered obsolete. This bike is up-to-date with a lightweight threadless fork.
700c double-walled wheel-set with CNC machined sides: This double-walled wheel-set is stronger and more durable than others featuring a single-wall design. The wheels and the entire bike can handle a lot, allowing you to be more worry-free and just enjoy the ride. The machined sides offer smoother surfaces for your brakes, so your stops will be quick, silent, and easy on your pads.

25c tires: 25c tires are among the wider tires available. This makes them more effective than other tire sizes when leaving smooth roads and riding on more bumpy terrain such as gravel. This added versatility is something a lot of other bikes can’t offer.

Integrated 1 1/8 inch headset: This integrated headset is far easier to install than the standard headsets, and no special tools are required. Using this headset also eliminates the need for a headset cup, making it a great choice for inexperienced and learning beginners.


Every product on the market comes with at least a couple drawbacks, and The Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is no different. Don’t let these deter you as I am just nit-picking. Still, here are a few things to consider before committing to a purchase.

Wheel bearings: During my research, I found that the wheel bearings on this bike are not made from the strongest steel. Because of this, they might chip more easily than some other options out there and need to be replaced sooner than normal.

Shifters: The shifters on this model bike are not integrated with the brakes. This might not be a problem for experienced road bikers, but if you are just starting out and trying to learn your way around a road bike for the first time, this could prove to be a challenge.

Repairs: As I researched this bike, I found that it may need to be repaired more frequently than a more expensive and high-end option. This is to be expected being made from less expensive products, but I still believe that the quality of this bike for the price makes it a worthwhile purchase.


I would also recommend this bike to anybody who knows they want to commit to biking and take it seriously from the ground up. The Vilano Aluminum Road Bike 21 Speed Shimano is the best road bike you can get for under $300. For the cost of this bike, the pros outweigh the cons by a landslide. If your planning on transporting your bike with your car, don’t forget about a vehicle bike rack.

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