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Best Quiet Generator for Camping and Home Use 2022

Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Generator

Since this unit has an inverter, you’ll find that it’s one of the best products on the market to use with delicate electronics.Expert Reviewer: Bill Parsons

Quick Summary:
The Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator is a great option to power your life when an outlet simply isn’t an option. I find that this is the perfect type of generator for running devices like computers when there are no nearby outlets.

Talk about quiet… you can hardly hear it is running from about 6 feet away. For an easy to use generator, the Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator is one of the best on the market today.

Selecting a Quiet Generator

Sometimes, you’ll find that you aren’t always in reach of a steady supply of power for your devices and power tools. In this situation, generators have been the go-to solution that can make running your appliances while you camp or working with power tools on a job site possible without being anywhere near a power outlet.

The chief drawback to most generators is the fact that many make a huge racket while delivering power to your machines. This is particularly annoying when you are at a campsite and you don’t want to cause a ruckus with any of your fellow campers, but would love to run the coffeemaker so that you can have a morning cup of Joe.

Fortunately, Honda has a generator that has been in production for decades that runs quietly and can provide a great amount of power for most outdoor or even in-house needs. The Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator has 2000 watts of available power and provides this juice through a one-gallon gasoline, whisper-quiet running motor.

How quiet is it?

First, you should know that the noise level does increase as the more power you draw from the unit. Despite this, this machine is still quiet even at maximum output. Sound output is 59 decibels at rated load and 53 decibels of sound at a quarter load. How loud is that? Consider that an Air conditioning unit at 100 feet usually ticks in at 60 dB. A library or a bird call comes in at around 44 dB. Here are some other comparable decibel examples as well.

How it Operates

The operation of this unit is very simple. Once fueled with the appropriate gas, you simply pull the rope and the generator will activate and start providing power. The rope itself is protected from false starts, so typically you’ll only have to pull it once in order to get the juice flowing. This is a great device for either professional or private use and doesn’t have much in the way of over complication in usage.

It Functions as an Inverter

This device also has an inverter so that there are no sudden spikes in the power output. These spikes can ruin a device, and typically louder and older generators aren’t particularly safe for some machines. Devices like laptops, Smartphones, and tablets all need a smooth energy transfer, so if your generator pumps out an irregular energy flow, then the spikes in power can actually blow your device out, or at worst, cause its battery to explode. Since this unit has an inverter, you’ll find that it’s one of the best products on the market to charge up delicate electronics.

It Offers a Lot of Value

  • Home: This is a great device to use in the home. It’s perfect for situations where you lose power due to weather and need to power a fridge, microwave, or electric-powered stove. I’ve found that this functionality can prevent food spoilage during an unfortunate power outage. Just remember, higher power drawing items like air conditioners will quickly cause an overload on this device.
  • RV, Camper and Tent Camping: This is the perfect camping generator. I find that it’s perfect to power my coffee maker, a portable fan, or a guitar amplifier. Another great feature is how it’s a relatively small model and also comes in camouflage coloration; this is a feature that’s perfect for hunting trips.
  • Jobsite: If you’re a professional laborer who needs to generate power for power tools, this is a great unit as well. While it’s not excellent for an air compressor, this device does a great job at powering drills, circular saws, and lighting in houses that don’t have a flow of electricity yet.

Connections and Settings

What’s a generator without a plethora of connections and settings? The Honda EU2000I 2000 Watt Super Quiet Inverter Generator has quite a few options and two standard outlets to power your powered devices.
• Eco-Throttle: Reducing our carbon footprint, especially when using a gas-powered device, is imperative for the health of the environment. Honda introduced this eco-throttle so that you can power a machine with a relatively low voltage without using an excessive amount of power.

As you might expect, powering an iPhone doesn’t nearly need as much juice or gas as a refrigerator, so the eco-throttle switch will mete out just the right amount of power for the machine that the generator is powering. If you happen to need to power both, adding another device to the circuit won’t cause a blink or a power spike, so the connected devices will continue to be protected.

  • Two Pin Parallel Circuitry Connector: For those more industrial jobs where you’ll need a little more juice than is available from this 2000 watt generator, this feature will allow you to actually pair another generator of the same model number. You’ll have to purchase the cabling from a Honda dealer, but in theory, this should give you at least 3800 watts of power (you may lose a little bit of power due to the connection).
  • Dual AC Out 120 Volt Connections: This is the standard outlet connection on this device. You can attach two devices simultaneously with these connectors. This is a good amount of connectors for camping trips or maintaining devices as you experience an outage.
  • Direct Current 12 Volt Connections: This will allow you to charge your vehicle batteries. This special connection requires a Honda specific wire, but this makes this generator perfect for recharging boat batteries, car batteries, or motorcycle batteries.

Size and Weight, Durability and Run Time

Portability is at the center of the design of these types of generators, and this Honda unit doesn’t fall flat in this regard. While it is a little heavy; at 47 pounds, you should still be able to truck it around with a modicum of ease. Measurement-wise, the device is 20.1 inches in length, 16.8 inches in height, and has a width of 11.4 inches. This is a very storable size that will allow you to place this generator just about anywhere.

Honda built this unit to be very durable. Since it’s well-rated for professional use, it has to be able to take quite a few dings on the job site. The body of the unit is a hard plastic that resists wear and external damage.

Dependent on the load of power output, this device provides a very stable amount of energy for relatively long amounts of time. At full power draw, this unit will provide about 3.4 hours of power per thankful of gas. At ¼ of that power draw, you should be able to power your machines and devices for about eight hours in totality.


As a portable generator, you won’t be able to power every type of device. Outdoor machines like compressors will quickly overwhelm this generator. Indoor machines like air conditioners, which are power hogs, will also be too much for this generator, but it should not have any trouble powering a few consumer electronic and electrical items all at the same time.

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