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Best Quadcopter with a Camera Under 200 Dollars 2023

UDI U818A 2.4GHz 4 CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Quadcopter with Camera

Sometimes flying out into a field or a large area can be disconcerting, which can make it difficult to find your way home. This device has a very convenient return home feature that makes retrieving your copter an easy task; in fact, it only requires a simple button press.Expert Reviewer: Alexander Morris

Quick Summary:
The UDI U818A Gyro Quadcopter may not be the best copter on the market, but for under $200, it’s the best in it’s price range.

It is a great device to use while you are vacationing on the beach or to simply fly around in your backyard after a long day at work.

It is a great option for beginners, and it provides a professional mode for more advanced copter operators to practice their inverted flying and barrel roll techniques.

Selecting a Quadcopter with Camera

As an adult, there are times that I want to let my inner child run free. I want to forget about the worries of adult life and enjoy flying a quadcopter around my yard with a remote control. It is an enjoyable form of entertainment that can give a view of the world from above, but not all quadcopters are designed the same. In fact, not all of them have a camera to let you see the view, so what is the best quadcopter with a camera for under $200? The UDI U818A Gyro Quadcopter is the drone with a camera that you have been dreaming of. Let’s take a deeper look into the features this quadcopter has to offer.


This quadcopter features a four ringed design. These four outer rings are crafted from a light, plastic frame that is perfect for flying. Each circle is fitted with a small rotor that is 5.25 inches in diameter. These rotors are secured tightly by a small screw that makes the rotors a bit more difficult to change if they become damaged, but with normal flights, they will remain secured in place.

The device has several LED lights around the frame of the device to help light your way as you fly. There is a white on the front of the quadcopter as well as four on the center of the unit. There are also two blue lights and two red lights positioned on the rotors. The blue ones face towards the front and the red towards the rear. The center area of this device is where the batteries and the camera are located. Having such a central location means that the camera is more protected than it would be if it were positioned elsewhere.

Flying and Controls

There are two flying modes that you can experience. The first is a standard flying mode that is good for amateur enthusiasts who are just earning their wings. The second option is a professional mode that allows you to travel at faster speeds and do crazy tricks while you are in the air. I have a blast performing triple barrel rolls over and over again every time I take the quadcopter out for a spin.

This copter has a 300 foot range, so you will easily be able to use the remote to send the device out to take some pictures. The controller looks a bit boxy and out of style, but it has a lot of functionality that you will appreciate. The analog sticks control the movements of the drone, and the shoulder buttons controls the LED lights.

The left analog allows you to move forward and backward, while the right one allows you to move the drone left or right. Right in the center of the remote, there is a display that gives you access to your camera and what is being recorded, an inversion button to allow you to fly upside down, and a mode selection button that makes it convenient to switch between modes. Inversion flying is extremely fun, but it can be a challenge for a beginner.

Image and Video Capability

This drone only has a small camera because a large one would make flying the device more difficult. The 0.2 ounce camera is angled on the drone in a downward angle that gives you an angled image of the ground below the quadcopter. Everything that you capture is saved onto a four gigabyte micro SD card, which is included with the copter when you purchase it. This makes it easy to transfer any images and videos to your computer or laptop.

Starting with images, you will be able to capture stills with a 1280 x 960 pixel resolution. Images come out relatively clear, but anything taken while the quadcopter is moving can have a bit of a blur. I am happy with the overall quality of the images, but make sure not to capture near the end of the battery life. I have lost a few shots that were taken and not saved before the copter lost power.

The video capture quality of this unit is not 4k quality, but it does the job, and the videos will be better than what you got on a cell phone a few years ago. Videos are shot at 640 x 480 pixels. The colors in the videos are great and the sound is rather loud, so the only thing that may not be optimal is the 30 frames per second video quality. The main thing to consider when you plan to shoot video footage is the conditions outside. If it is windy, foggy, misty, or dark outside, chances are that the video will not result in the best quality. Filming on a clear day will produce a much clearer image.

Battery Life

This quadcopter uses a 500 mAh LiPo battery, which is pretty standard for a device of this size. A single battery charge on this copter lasts six to nine minutes, but in my testing, I have flown the craft around my back yard for a good ten minutes. The issue with this copter is that when the battery runs out of juice, it simply dies. There is a low battery alarm, but it provides nearly no warning, so when you are coming up on the max flight time, you may want to bring it in for a landing. Take it from me; I’ve had this copter fall out of the sky a few times because the lift power suddenly gave out. Luckily, the copter comes with a spare set of rotors and they are very simple to replace in the event that they become damaged.

The battery can be recharged in the included wall outlet charger, but it tends to take nearly two hours to fully charge. This is a huge inconvenience, especially if you only have one battery to work with, so I’d suggest purchasing a few spares so that your play time is not severely limited. In addition, these batteries cannot be charged through a USB port or a car charger, so you will need an actual outlet to re-power the device.

Additional Features

This copter features a six axis control system that is designed to provide additional stability in unfavorable conditions such as high winds. It also helps to keep the quadcopter steady when you are attempting to perform tricks.

Sometimes flying out into a field or a large area can be disconcerting, which can make it difficult to find your way home. This device has a very convenient return home feature that makes retrieving your copter an easy task; in fact, it only requires a simple button press.

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