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Best Office Chair for Back Pain 2023

Serta Executive Microfiber Office Chair

If you are no taller than 6 feet, this chair would be perfect in terms of size, yet those that are taller might not get the same head support and comfort.Expert Reviewer: Tonya Christine

Quick Summary:
The Serta brand is widely known for its comfort, style, and quality. It is upholstered in soft yet durable microfiber and comes in light beige and gray. It also cushions the lower back with its contoured lumbar support with additional padding on the armrests to provide comfort for the hands, wrists, and forearms.

You can adjust your seat height with a simple flick of the lever, and if you ever need to wheel the chair around your office, the smooth rolling dual-wheel casters make it easy to do so.

The Serta Executive chair certainly does more than the average office chair, which says a lot.

Selecting an Office Chair for a Bad Back

Nowadays, many people work their jobs at home, which means that they’re likely sitting in a chair at their desk for most of the day. Basic office chairs don’t offer a whole lot of back support, thus many suffer from inevitable and uncomfortable back pain. To avoid this, one should definitely look into a chair that is both functional and best suits their comfort level. I myself do some freelance work at home on my laptop, so being that I’m sitting most of my day, a chair that prevents back pain is an absolute must.

Features and Specs

It’s important to have an office chair that moves with you the entire day, whether you’re a work-at-home employee, blogger, writer, or everyday scroller. The Serta Executive Microfiber office chair can offer a great and tranquil seating experience from the neck down. Its pillowed headrest gives your neck comfort and support to prevent a sore neck and shoulders, and its plush layered body pillows offer your body the relaxation it needs.

What’s even more beneficial is the chair’s waterfall seat edge which puts less pressure on the back of the legs thus offering increased leg circulation and reduces fatigue so you won’t stand up with prickly feet. Adjusting the height of the chair is a breeze since all it takes is a flick of the lever underneath to operate the pneumatic gas lift. If you pull out the same lever, it will unlock the reclining mechanism so you can lean back and relax for those times when you need a quick break. The recline resistance can be adjusted by turning the tension knob that’s on the bottom of the seat. Furthermore, moving around your room is smooth thanks to the chair’s durable multi-surface dual wheel casters.

Additionally, the Serta Executive microfiber chair has a five-star heavy duty base that surpasses BIFMA standards and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight. The chair itself isn’t too heavy at 34.5 pounds, and the product dimensions are approximately at 28.8 x 24.8 x 40.2 inches. If you order the chair, you can choose to assemble it yourself at home or have a local professional provide their service with a usual assembly time of one hour. Although this choice exists, many that bought the chair say assembly is pretty easy.


Most other standard office chairs come with a simple mesh backing with four wheels to roll on and provide little to no back support. In comparison to chairs like AmazonBasics’s Mid-Back mesh chair, the Serta Executive microfiber chair comes out on top due to its supportive padding and soft upholstery. Although the AmazonBasics chair provides padded seating with a contoured mesh back for breathability, it lacks support for the neck, doesn’t have padded armrests or back, and doesn’t recline. The AmazonBasics chair is less heavy and slightly smaller in scale, yet isn’t as comfortable as Serta’s Executive chair.

Another comparable product is Flash Furniture’s Mid-Back Black Mesh Swivel Task chair. It has a couple more features than AmazonBasic’s chair, with a high back design, adjustable headrest, and a tilt-lock mechanism. While it has a bit more lumbar and neck support, Flash Furniture’s chair still doesn’t seem to match up to the competition, which is why I think the Serta Executive microfiber chair is an ideal chair for those suffering from back problems due to spending most of their day seated in their office.


While the Serta Executive chair is highly rated, there are a few minor flaws to consider before buying the product. If you are no taller than 6 feet, this chair would be perfect in terms of size, yet those that are taller might not get the same head support and comfort. Also, I found that the arms of the chair are not adjustable, which may serve as inconvenient for some since the height may be too high.

The chair does indeed have a reclining option, but it doesn’t tilt back when not reclined. Also, although not too bothersome, the chair was said to make a creaking noise when moving around in it. Besides said flaws, there aren’t too many issues with the chair regarding functionality, comfort, and quality, which still makes it an ideal chair to purchase.


Being a freelancer, I’m at my desk on my computer a lot, thus I understand how important it is to have a chair that supports your back and is able to give you overall comfort all day. The Serta Executive Microfiber Office Chair looks to be one of the best options in terms of both quality and support. With its plush body pillows, soft microfiber upholstery, waterfall seat edge, and ergonomic design, surely this chair from Serta will be a suitable item to have in the office or workspace.

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