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Best Nano Quadcopter for Beginners 2023

EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone

My favorite aspect of the E010 is that it is a good-looking machine. Utilizing a black and red color scheme with LED lights on the wings, the E010 is a blur of beauty when it gets flying at its top speeds.Expert Reviewer: Charles Benson

Quick Summary:
The EACHINE E010 mini quadcopter is a no frills approach to drone flying for beginning enthusiasts. You won’t have a camera system or a specialized GPS sensor, but you will have enough going on to keep you busy.

The E010 looks sleek, flies well, and can do enough tricks that you’ll learn the ins and outs of advanced flying. Once you feel comfortable moving your drone around you’ll be ready to upgrade and purchase a heavier hitting model.

The EACHINE E010 is perfect for most entry-level enthusiasts.

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Selecting a Nano Quadcopter

The world of hobby drones is positively thrumming right now as more and more people get passionate about flying the little devices. If you’ve been walking through the park one day and you saw a small machine go shooting through the air above your head then that was likely a drone or a quadcopter.

Quadcopters are the next step in the remote control vehicle world and today we are going to talk about one of the best nano quadcopters on the market: the EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter Drone. Before we dig too deeply into this beautiful little machine we’ll talk first about some generalities when it comes to buying your first quadcopter.

What is a quadcopter?

So, before you slap some cash on the counter for your first quadcopter you probably want to know what the machine actually is. Quadcopters are pretty simple at their core: they are flying machines with four rotors that handle the propelling and steering duties. Typically these quadcopters have two pairs of pitched propellers: one pair will rotate clockwise and the other pair will turn counterclockwise. Adjusting the speed of these rotors will allow you to thrust in any direction that you choose. Nano quadcopters, which we are talking about today, are merely small versions of their larger counterparts.

What are quadcopters used for?

Quadcopters can be used for varying degree of reasons. Primarily, nano quadcopters are used for entertainment purposes. Some people like to fly their quadcopters at high speeds, performing tricks to wow themselves and anyone watching. Other folks like to use quadcopters with cameras mounted on them in order to capture aerial photography. Finally, some people use quadcopter drones for commercial purposes. No matter what your goals, the core of what makes up a quadcopter will be the same: four rotors, four wings, and a remote control that handles it all.

What to look for in a quadcopter.

Alright, now we are ready to start talking specifics. When it comes to buying a drone you are going to quickly realize that the majority of quadcopters are VERY different from one another. We pulled together a few key concepts to hone in on when you start shopping around.

Flight Life

The active flight life of your quadcopter will likely be one of the most important aspects to consider. The battery life of your drone is decided by several subfactors: the size of the battery, the weight of your drone, and the different moves you perform while the drone is in the air. Don’t be shocked to see battery life estimates on cheaper quadcopters to be in the 5-minute range. The nano quadcopter we are going to talk about later, the EACHINE, runs for 5 to 7 minutes in the air.


You can get quadcopters with HD cameras for a relatively small price. If you don’t have any interest in taking aerial pictures then you can completely skip out on this category. Otherwise, you are going to want to pay attention to the specs of the cameras on the various drones. You’ll want more Megapixels and higher end lenses if you figure photography to be a big part of your hobby.


More expensive nano quadcopters are going to have GPS sensors in them that allow you to carefully program your flight patterns. GPS sensors work exactly like they do in your care, only with a few more functions. You can draw up flight paths and even program your quadcopter to return home with the press of a button.

Transmitter Controls

While you want a cool quadcopter, the controller in your hand is just as important. Your transmitter is what gives you all of your in-flight options. The typical transmitter showcases two thumb sticks and a few options in terms of thrust and slope. Higher end controllers might have an LCD monitor built into it to show what your drone is seeing. If you want the LCD monitor then you are going to have to pay the premium price for it.

EACHINE E010 Mini UFO Quadcopter

Alright, so we’ve laid down some knowledge to inform you about the general aspects of quadcopters. Now we are going to get much more specific by talking about one of my favorite affordable nano quadcopters, the EACHINE E010. This drone is priced out for entry-level hobbyists but it has enough meat on its bones to please even the most ardent quadcopter fanatic.

We’re first going to talk a little bit about the core functionality of the E010. The EACHINE is a sleek looking quadcopter that can fit into the palm of your hand. Though the device is small it can easily make up for its size with some serious power. The quadcopter is loaded with a 3.7-volt battery which 150MAH. This powerful battery allows you to get about 100 feet away before having to turn back toward the controller. Your flight time will last anywhere from 5 to 7 minutes on a full battery. Your battery takes about 30 minutes to completely charge. Remember: your battery life will extend and contract based on how you fly your drone. Excessive flips and loops will cause the battery to drain faster.

The interface of the transmitter is as simple as it gets. You have a sleek and small controller with two analog thumbsticks to control your flight. You also have a “return to controller” button which makes it easy for you to get your drone back in your line of sight in case you lose sight of it. Having the ability to instantly retrieve your drone with the press of a button is a benefit that you’ll only appreciate after you start flying.

My favorite aspect of the E010 is that it is a good-looking machine. Utilizing a black and red color scheme with LED lights on the wings, the E010 is a blur of beauty when it gets flying at its top speeds. For being a cheaper model the EACHINE still looks like it costs a pretty penny.

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