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Best Mountain Bike Under 200 Dollars 2023

Roadmaster Granite Peak 26″ Men’s Mountain Bike

This Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike features a unisex design so that it can be used by both men and womenExpert Reviewer: Jake Grant

Quick Summary:
Mountain biking is a popular exercise activity for those who like to stay active and fit while enjoying the crisp air and views of nature. If you go mountain biking daily or at least spend most of your week doing so, you’re going to want a reliable and durable mountain bike that performs well and changes pace when you want to.

The 26-Inch Granite Peak Mountain Bike can serve as a quality exercise tool with its 18 speeds, smooth SRAM drive twist shifters, suspension fork for maximum control, and enduring design.

Selecting a Mountain Bike Under 200 Dollars

A modern and popular trend these days is simply going out and exercising, whether you like to jog, swim, work out at the gym, or hike. Many enjoy riding a mountain bike since you can both enjoy the morning or sunset mountain view and get some good exercise at the same time. Mountain biking can be tiring, especially if you don’t have a quality bike that assists you while pedaling or has a soft enough seat to prevent bottom and back cramps. If you ride a mountain bike regularly, then you’re sure to want a bike that will last you a long time for those lovely nature rides and rocky dirt roads. And better yet, you don’t have to leave your wallet crying since you can get a quality bike for under $200.

The 26-inch Granite Peak Mountain Bike is the Best Under 200 Bucks.

The Granite Peak is made with a strong steel mountain frame and alloy wheels provide durablity and control over all sorts of terrain. It can take on rough and rugged paths or just riding through your regular routine or freestyling it on the mountain roads.

Features and Specs

This Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike features a unisex design so that it can be used by both men and women. The frames geometry provides for the optimum riding experience. The tire tread is designed to allow traction between the wheel and the pavement or dirt, so it can be great for cruising around your neighborhood or taking an adventure through hiking trails. Using 18 speeds, the bike applies its Shimano back derailleur (a variable-ratio transmission system) whenever you want a change of pace, and the SRAM drive twist shifters allow you to switch gears smoothly along with a three-piece mountain crank that gives wide gear range. This is a great option for if you want to make it easier going up an incline or straight path, or if you like a challenge, make it more difficult with added resistance.

The suspension fork aids in smoothing bumps which you may encounter (like gravel roads or rugged terrain) and increases control to prevent incidents resulting from loose rocks that may impair your steering. The whole bike weighs around 15 pounds so it’s a fairly heavy bike, but mostly due to its sturdy build. Ultimately, the bike’s linear pull brakes, alloy rims, steel handlebars and padded seating makes this 26-inch Roadmaster Granite Peak mountain bike a suitable option for both men and women.


The Granite Peak bike has received a rather good standing in comparison to it’s competition within its price range, but like these other bikes, it also has its share of small issues. Many have found the assembly instructions were a bit vague, but the user should be able to construct it without too much difficulty. Some didn’t really like the seat that much, but it’s always an option to buy a seat that is more comfortable for you. Like the seat’s comfort level, feelings towards the weight of the bike seemed subjective for those who were used to heavy bikes said that the Granite Peak bike was fairly light while other said it was heavy.

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