bounty hunter discovery 3300

Best Metal Detector Under 300 Dollars – Great for the Beach 2023

Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300

The search coil is fog and waterproof to provide the device with a layer of protection against the elements. This also means that you can search shallow water for metal without the risk of damaging the metal detector in the process.Expert Reviewer: Mike Morain

Quick Summary:
The Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 is the ideal device for anyone who enjoys treasure hunting or coin shooting as a hobby, and the best part is that this metal detector costs less than $300. In addition, it is packed with features that you will love. Personally, I love that it is a waterproof device; it makes living by the shore a lot more entertaining, especially on those warm summer days when you want to get your feet wet.

Selecting a Metal Detector on a Budget

Treasure hunting is a pastime that many enjoy. I personally like to take a long walk on a beach with a metal detector to see what I can find. I love to explore the unknown and find treasures that others may have lost or left behind. If you have similar interests to me, then a metal detector will be a purchase that you need to make, but what is the best metal detector under $300? Well, the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300 is a great option in this price range. Let’s take a look at what makes it so great.

Design and Display

This metal detector is designed with a lightweight frame that comfortably conforms to your arm for hours of treasure hunting fun. In fact, the device only weighs 2.5 pounds, which is an ideal weight to carry. In addition, the padded arm rest and the stem of the device are both adjustable, so you can ensure that you are comfortable carrying the metal detector around. In addition, the search coil is a large surface area that is eight inches in diameter.

When it comes to the display, there is a LCD monitor near the handle that is fairly easy to read. The screen is completely touch operated. Here you will be able to choose between the different modes that you are using, which we will go further into in just a bit. You can also adjust the sensitivity and discrimination level of the device if you like.

The display on the screen will inform you how deep the metal that you just detected is; it could be right under the surface of the soil or much deeper. If you have a targeted depth, make sure you set it accordingly. This metal detector is capable of detecting small coins that are buried up to eight inches deep, but if the object is larger, it can detect metal objects up to four feet deep.

Detection Characteristics

This metal detector comes complete with a ground balancing system that is preset to help you find valuable metal instead of minerals in the ground. Instead of indicating that there is metal in the ground every time the soil is dense with iron, the device will be able to differentiate between the two. In addition, his device is designed to determine the exact depth of the metal you find; making it easier to dig up. The unit also has a digital targeting system that allows you to decide whether an item is valuable or not when it is identified.

Operating Modes

As we previously discussed, there are four modes that the device can function in. Let’s explore each of them and see what the device is capable of when it is set to each.

  • All metal mode – Used to find any type of metal in the soil. Whether it is copper, iron, or gold, the machine will tell you with a single beep that something has been located under the surface. No matter how deeply buried the metal is, this mode will set out to find it.
    Discrimination mode – It’s a setting that allows you to discriminate against lesser metals. If you want to only search the soil for valuable metals like gold, set the metal detector to this mode and all of the less worthy metals will be ignored. This is a fun mode to use, especially since you know that your findings may have some value to them.
  • Notch mode – Also limits the items that you can find; however, it does not limit the metal based on materials, it sets a distance limitation so that only metals at the specified range can be located. This is a great mode to use when an area has different layers of soil and you want to investigate a particular depth.
  • Pinpoint mode – A handy function that gives you the exact details regarding the depth and the value of the metal that was detected. The device is designed to be held above an area and it will create a dull hum that will become louder when the metal is in the center of the search coil.

Tone Target Identification

Since looking at the screen the entire time that you are searching for metal is unreasonable, this device uses a tone to indicate that there is something under the soil of interest. There are four different tones that you will want to differentiate between. Knowing the different tones will give you the option to choose not to pick up a bass tone if you choose, which most likely will not be a valuable object, but it may be an interesting find. Here is a breakdown of what each one means:

  • Bass tone – indicates that the metal that you have located is most likely nails or iron, though sometimes a bass tone may indicate minuscule pieces of gold as well, but that is less likely than finding iron.
  • Low-pitched tone – Most often indicates items such as soda tabs, earrings, nickels, and items crafted from similar metals.
  • Medium-tone –  indicates a find that may include items such as zinc pennies, and gold objects that are similar in size to an earrings or a ring.
  • High-pitched tone – Likely the result of brass, silver, and copper. This category is where actual copper pennies will be found, or pennies that were created before 1982.

Additional Features

The search coil is fog and waterproof to provide the device with a layer of protection against the elements. This also means that you can search shallow water for metal without the risk of damaging the metal detector in the process. This is a great feature that many beach-goers love; in fact, I often even tread near the shoreline when I am using my Discovery 3300.

The tones created by the device tend to be a bit loud, and they can be obnoxious to fellow beach-goers who are there to enjoy nature and take in some rays. This device comes complete with a headphone jack that allows you to hear the tones through your headphones without disturbing the peace in the area. Using this feature also works the opposite way; if the area is excessively loud or noisy, then you will be able to hear the metal detector’s tones without straining your ears.

In addition, this feature is a great way to save battery life. There is no volume control on the Discovery 3300, so using headphones that allow you to adjust the volume will help preserve battery power. Speaking of, this device uses two nine volt batteries; in case you were wondering. Another point of note is that the manufacturer has included a generous five-year warranty with the purchase of the Bounty Hunter Discovery 3300, so any defects that occur should be covered.

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