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Best Men’s Shoes for Standing Long Hours on Concrete 2023

Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Oxford Sneaker

No matter the type of job, this shoe is ideal for preserving foot and leg health when standing for long periods in any environment and on any surface. Skechers is a mainstay for men who need quality work shoes.Expert Reviewer: Harold Chapman

Quick Summary:
This is a model that will perform well and make the man look good and feel good while doing his job.

It’s really tough for the modern working man to find footwear that allows him to look fashionable, retain a degree of comfort, and don shoes that are versatile and tough.

No other shoe offers the level of comfort. This is the closest you will get to feeling like you are walking on a cloud.

Selecting the Ideal Footwear For Men Who Work On Their Feet

My father didn’t teach me much, but what he did teach turned out to be incredibly important. One of the things he always tried to get across was care for the body in the scope of the work environment. He would say, “Never take work where you have to work on your knees, and always take care of your feet.” My father weighed 300 pounds, was 6′ 5” tall and spent his life in a mechanic’s shop. I understood quickly that he knew a great deal about the importance of foot comfort as it pertained to health, safety, and ergonomics in a work environment.

I have had many jobs where standing for long hours on a hard concrete was a requirement. I learned early on that leg and foot pain can radically alter the quality of work that is produced and affects the entire man. Fortunately, I have been able to get by with athletic shoes for all of my work duties including working in a warehouse, meat locker, convenience store, and farm duties. My footwear has always been a concern, and through experience, I now understand what my father meant to communicate.

Every man is uniquely designed and can benefit from certain types of footwear. Standing for long shifts, and being required to perform physical duties, puts a strain on the body. This is especially true for the feet. When feet break down, it causes a cascade of body maladies affecting all aspects of physical and mental prowess. In short, if your feet hurt, it is nearly impossible to perform at your peak. This is true for jobs that include a thinking element, or a physical one.

Men’s footwear is one of the clothing and outfitting items that have suffered in quality a great deal in the recent past. Manufacturing trends elect to follow fashion and style, rather than comfort and other lasting qualities. All men who work long shifts should be aware that the footwear they choose has a radical influence on how they perform. A great pair of shoes, boots, or utility footwear is absolutely essential for performing well in a position that requires all-day standing, versatile movement, and jobs duties including lifting. The modern man is captivated by fashion, but this is one of the last qualities to look for in work footwear that serves a man as well as he serves his employer.

All working men know that there is no such thing as a “standing shoe.” Work positions that require long hours of standing will also likely require endless hours of movement. These movements include stacking, bending, sprinting, and walking for light duties. They also include lifting, anchoring, hopping onto to machines, and climbing for heavier duties. The choice of working footwear must provide construction and materials to withstand every demand of a man in an active work environment. The choice of shoes must also meet visual standards set forth by an employer and a man’s personal likes.

The Best Features Of Footwear For Men Who Work In Standing-Intensive Environments

  • Heel/Weight Support – Every great pair of working shoes should have structural features that enhance the strong points of the foot and leg. The most important of these features is located in the heel. Flat dress shoes and certain athletic sneakers only feature a thin and continuous sole that does not provide extra support in the heel.

The majority of pain experienced by men who work long hours standing on their feet is in the hips, spine, and shoulders. This is a direct result of having little support on the heels of the feet. It’s a problem that has a lot to do with nerves, but can be eliminated with proper heel support. A great pair of working shoes should cradle the heels, have extra structural materials toward the back of the foot, and provide cushioning through added depth and internal features like gel cushions.

  • Stitching Instead Of Glueing – A majority of the paneling on a quality pair of working man’s shoes should have stitching that holds together material paneling instead of gluing. Stitching flexes as the shoes conform to the daily movements of the wearer. Glued panels and soles tend to break, bust, and separate instead of providing degrees of flexion. Stitching adds life and strength to work footwear, and resists general breakdown.
  • Proper Sizing – Quality working men’s footwear is designed with size-consciousness. Working men have body dimensions that are “true and traditional.” This means that foot width and length have a real influence on choosing the perfect footwear for tough jobs. A true 16 should be reflected in the shoe’s construction. A 5xE should allow great shoe width without compromising how the body of the footwear flexes after weeks of tough use.
  • Fashion And The Workplace – It is absolutely possible to combine fashion needs with quality and function. Working men want to wear shoes that are absolutely reliable in strength but don’t detract from their appearance. Neutral-colored work footwear is the best choice, and a widely-known brand eliminates the possibility of negative personal labels. Working men should remember that the same companies that produce high fashion footwear, are also engaged in providing footwear that is suitable for the work environment.

Skechers for Work Men’s Flex Advantage Oxford Sneaker

Skechers footwear is a popular and extraordinary brand that produces shoes for men who have lifestyles that demand foot health, support, and fashion. This includes sports enthusiasts, casual living lovers, or guys who make a living on their feet.

Yes, these shoes are sneakers, but they exceed the expectations of athletes and exhibit features that are highly appropriate for the working man. In the Skechers tradition, they are made from authentic materials, use stitching manufacturing techniques, adhere to true sizing dimensions, and guarantee comfort over all every other feature.

This sneaker is made from leather materials that flex with months of heavy-duty use. The sidewalls, top panels, and heel literally “learn” to move with the foot. The lace eye holes and tongue do not wear out with multiple lacings, and continually cushion the dorsal part of the foot. Every leather panel of this shoe is stitched and retains softness even when exposed to harsh conditions.

Perhaps, the most attractive feature of this shoe is the sole. It is made from an industrial rubber that resists punctures, rolling, and general wear. It is slightly over-molded to increase step power, grip, and weight shifting. The patterns etched into the sole also channel water, ensure tack on all surfaces, and support body weight.

One of the best aspects of this shoe is its attractiveness. Even for the working man who is concerned how he will look on the job, this model conveys a casual and smart profile. This sneaker is absolutely appropriate for the man concerned about tough work, or the guy who has to look good while performing a multitude of tasks.

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