Yamaha Arius YDP162B

Best Keyboard to Learn Piano for Adults 2023

Yamaha Arius YDP162B Traditional Console Digital Piano with Bench

The patented weighted resistance of Yamaha keyboards allows piano students to train on a keyboard that is similar to concert grand instruments in the convenience of their own home.Expert Reviewer: William Cloud

Quick Summary:
The most helpful aspect of this keyboard type for students, is the action of the keyboard. The patented weighted resistance of Yamaha keyboards allows piano students to train on a keyboard that is similar to concert grand instruments in the convenience of their own home. People normally think of a digital piano as a “flimsy,” or overly delicate toy. Yamaha Arius digital pianos are suitable for well-trained pianists to play extremely athletic music.

Selecting a Keyboard for Learning to Play the Piano

The desire to learn how to play a keyboard instrument is great for some people even though piano design and technology is somewhat outpacing consumer need. The best piano and keyboard teachers love it when their students have a quality instrument to practice on, and discover what free piano playing entails.

Many keyboard manufacturers concentrate only on providing commercial sounds, but lack in touch. The Yamaha line of full digital pianos replicates the touch and sound of concert instruments, while providing many other useful features for aspiring students.

Typical stage keyboards offer limited key ranges and harsh touch sensitivity that is contrary to developing skills on the piano that cross pop and classical boundaries. Yamaha digital pianos recreate the feel and sound of concert instruments in every way. They also offer options that are useful in increasing a keyboard student’s understanding of how to play music correctly.

The Arius line of Yamaha keyboards has great console substitutes for real instruments. This means, a small body can produce exquisite sound. Most console pianos are perfect for people needing an instrument that only takes up a small space. Acoustic consoles need constant tuning. Digital consoles are manufactured with technology that provides perfect tuning, but only takes up about 10 cubic feet of space.

Graded key technology makes these digital keyboards ideal to train on because the action is identical to much more expensive acoustic pianos. Because of the layout of acoustic piano design, greater key weight is needed to activate low tone keys, while higher tone keys are lighter and pristine. In a small package, Yamaha keyboards preserve this quality of fine acoustic instruments.

Learning to play piano requires access to a keyboard instrument that exhibits all of the qualities of a concert quality instrument. Most people do not have access to a concert grand piano, or even a home model. Yamaha digital keyboards are designed to produce exceptional sound and touch. This means a serious student can practice at home on a Yamaha digital piano with the same results as if they were practicing on a traditional acoustic grand piano.

Sound And Feel

The best piano teachers will encourage students to be aware of the movement in their hands that facilitate carefree playing. Uneven key control is distracting and will lead to discouragement when it comes to developing an individual technique. The mechanisms used in Yamaha digital pianos provide an evenness in touch. Like a concert acoustic piano, this is extremely important when learning about the finer points of how movement can affect the execution of musical lines.

The Arius models of Yamaha digital pianos have even touch controls, and provide noticeably accurate amounts of resistance. Every key is weighted according to its range, and is comfortable under the fingers. Within a few weeks of playing on an Arius keyboard, players will adopt a sensitivity and flow that is otherwise difficult to become aware of using a clunky antique piano, or poor acoustic model.


Most keyboard students who are starting to learn how their instrument works will begin training on an instrument lacking voicing options. The benefits of playing a modern keyboard include pedalling options that make playing sound more professional. Yamaha digital keyboards have extremely precise pedalling options. The una corda (left) pedal provides a muted tone that does not diminish note quality. The sostenuto (middle) pedal is perfect for creating effects found in masterful music like that of Chopin and Beethoven. The damper (right) pedal provides coloration that is not too muddy. Since the tone cancellation protocol of these Yamaha digital piano models is 128 tones, learning to use the damper pedal is accurate, fun, and effective.

User Features

Many people purchasing digital pianos are influenced by the technological features of each model. Technological features like display screens are quite unnecessary when choosing an instrument on which to learn the skills of playing.

This model of digital piano does not have screens and displays. It has basic one-touch options that control the type of sound produced. An overabundance of technology options takes away from the main purpose of having a quality instrument. Many screens with LED lighting and obtuse controls are confusing, and present more opportunities for things to go wrong. The objective of choosing a great instrument on which to learn keyboard skills is simple. Choose a digital instrument with perfect tuning, easy pedal controls, and a reputation for longevity. The Yamaha Arius line fulfills all of these qualities.

Modern Versatility

The Arius line of Yamaha keyboards has simple, yet workable interfaces with other technology. These keyboards have headphone ports that can be used to practice silently at home, or connect with performance gear. These keyboards can be amplified by large output programs and speakers for concerts and events that need keyboard accompaniment. This is a feature that would be very difficult to accomplish with a standard console piano. They are also light, and easy to transport for any performance need.

Learning To Play On This Digital Keyboard

Many piano students quit their progress because of the shortcomings of acoustic pianos that either are continually out of tune, or are difficult to play. Yamaha Arius keyboards have the feel of a new concert grand piano with exceptionally even tuning. The sound quality options range from small room acoustics, to a piano playing in an ultra “wet” performance hall.

Keyboard voice options are also extremely helpful for aspiring students. Authentic concert piano, antique piano, harpsichord, organ, and symphonic string sounds can be used to guide learning. A precise metronome option is also available to guide rhythm skill honing with the quick press of a function button.

They are considered heirloom instruments. This is why Yamaha pianos are rarely seen in ads featuring used instruments. Keyboard students who learn to play on Arius keyboards tend to keep their instruments for a long time. They quickly become essential pieces, and intimately tied to a keyboard student’s personal and public expression.

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