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Best Infant Car Seat and Stroller Combo with Adjustable Handles 2023

Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System

How much storage space does the stroller come with? Sure diaper bags are cute, but on those days where you’re running a ton of errands, you don’t want to be left holding the bag (or bags, if you’re out for light shopping, too).Expert Reviewer: Sharon Coppola

Quick Summary:
Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System seems to be the perfect fit in every way. The stroller and detachable car seat seem to each fit nicely into most compact cars without issue.

The onboard storage can handle much more than just a diaper bag which is great for shopping and theme parks and the built in cup holders for mom and baby are a real convenience.

Short and tall Moms and Dads really appreciate the easy to adjust handles. This allows the stroller to be pushed with ease and in comfort by anyone regardless of their height. Gone are the days of being hunched over or looking like you are hanging off the monkey bars and suffering with back pain because of it.

Tips for Finding the Perfect Infant Car Seat & Stroller Combo

So you’re looking for the best infant car seat and stroller combo? Well, it won’t be as easy – or as hard – as you might think. The best combo (also known as a travel system) often depends on you! Your needs, your wants, your accommodations, and your price point. While it might seem like a nice idea to use the old car seat your parents used for you – this isn’t the best way to go. The US has strict safety standards for infant car seats especially, and if yours isn’t up-to-date, your hospital may refuse to let you leave. Sounds crazy, but this happened to me with my second baby – and I was using her 2-year-older big sister’s car seat!


One of the many things to consider when looking for the best infant car seat and stroller combo is size. This is actually, in my opinion, one of the most important things to look at. You need to make sure that your baby’s car seat will fit into your car. This is especially important if you have a smaller or compact car. And just because the car seat fit doesn’t mean the stroller will! Most travel systems have dimensions listed on the box. Compare these to your back seat and your trunk to make sure that they will fit. Also, if you absolutely fall in love with a car seat that fits but the trunk isn’t large enough for the stroller, consider tossing the stroller in your passenger seat. It might not look the best, but it’ll get the job done!

Latching Systems

In a similar vein, you should always test out the latching system for any car seat and stroller combo. Of course, manufacturers like to try to keep things simple, but when you’re busy with a new baby and balancing them with the rest of your schedule, sometimes things can get a little hectic. Make sure that you find one that’s easy for you to snap into the stroller but also the car. If you have a smaller backseat, make sure that the latching system has enough room for you to wiggle around. Believe me, you’ll want it those days that everything seems to be going wrong!


Everything seems perfect! Great! But what about those pesky corners? Can it turn well? Do the wheels stick? Do the wheels have a locking mechanism? Nothing is more frustrating than trying to navigate through a store or around the block with a stroller that feels like it has square wheels. Portability and mobility are so important with strollers. I made a mistake with my first child when I went for looks alone. The stroller/car seat combo was beautiful, but after only a week of use, I had already given up on the thing and pestered my husband for a new one. Strollers are meant to make things easier, not frustrating. Test out the stroller portion of any combos you’re looking at to see which ones move well for you.

Storage Space

How much storage space does the stroller come with? Sure diaper bags are cute, but on those days where you’re running a ton of errands, you don’t want to be left holding the bag (or bags, if you’re out for light shopping, too). Most travel systems come with at least enough space for a diaper bag, but some come with lots of extra space. Take into consideration the sort of errands you plan to run with your baby. How much storage space will you need for your bag or bags? Does it have cup holders and snack trays for when your baby gets a little older? Think of what you’ll need and what you use and choose accordingly!


Product dependability is a huge one. I have been through a few strollers in my time – we’re on baby number 3 at the moment – and I have found that one of the biggest, most important factors is product dependability. Nothing scares a new mom like a product recall or the first time something doesn’t latch into place properly. Do a little research on the companies that make the combos you’re interested in. Find a dependable product or brand that offers guarantees and/or product replacements. And if it comes with it (and most do), sign up for the warranty, just in case. It’ll save you a lot of headaches!


The last real thing to consider is perhaps the simplest – pricing. There are good and bad combos in all price ranges, so don’t worry that more money means better quality. There’s really no need to break the bank for a great stroller. With a new baby, you’re probably going to want to keep as much cash around as you possibly can for other things you’ll be needing – like diapers, clothes, bottles, etc., etc. While getting a great car seat/stroller combo is good, it doesn’t justify going broke.

When you’re looking around at different systems, always keep in mind your needs. Are you a jogger? Shopper? Homebody? Maybe you have a fast-paced and on-the-go sort of lifestyle. Or maybe you’re the laid back and enjoy-the-moment type? What all do you plan on doing with your baby, and where all do you plan on going? There are tons of different strollers to match any lifestyle – and yes, they can make a big difference!

As a mom of soon-to-be-three, I’ve given you my best advice. The Chicco Bravo Trio Travel System is a little pricey but worth every dollar.

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