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Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker 2023 with Thermal Carafe

Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

The Cuisinart is one of the few grind and brews that include a charcoal water filter to remove water impurities prior to brewing. If your water tastes bad, so will the coffee, making filtered water key to ensuring the purest coffee flavor.Expert Reviewer: Clair Guthrie

Quick Summary:
The Cuisinart DGB-625BC is all you could ask for in a grind and brew coffee maker. It allows you to have the freshest possible cup of coffee whenever you want. The new technologies in conical burr grinding, and programmable brew settings allow you to create the perfect cup specifically to your liking. This coffeemaker is for the serious coffee lover. The grind and brew option allows you to explore the world of the whole bean, freshly ground coffee which will bring a whole new level of flavor. However, if you are running short on whole beans, it also works with pre-ground coffee.

The Best Grind and Brew Coffee Maker for Your Kitchen

The land of consumerism has turned shopping for appliances into more of a doctorates research program than a shopping trip. There are too many options! If you are anything like me, your coffeepot is the most critical appliance in the kitchen; it makes the coffee, it makes you a functional adult, and it is almost a member of the family. Your coffee matters, and you want the best. To save you the frustration, I have done the research for you, and I found the coffee maker you should bring home to meet the family.

Don’t be limited to certain coffee by your coffeemaker. The Cuisinart lets you try them all. This is an appliance that would be appreciated anywhere there are people who love coffee: make your mornings better, impress customers in small office businesses, or keep people happy in the break room with this state of the art coffee maker.

What features make it so great?

It is a 24-hour programmable coffeemaker with auto-shutoff and brew interrupt abilities. That means you can wake up to already brewed coffee with a little pre-programming the night before. It will automatically shut off after 2 hours of dormancy. The brew interrupt feature, my personal favorite, allows you to sneak a cup before the coffee has finish brewing without having coffee spill everywhere.

The bean hopper holds a half pound of beans. You can select how course or fine you want the grind, as well as the volume of grounds, brewed based your desired coffee strength. The grinder features burr grinding conical blades which grind beans into uniform sized pieces which provide more flavor and are less likely to clog. It is also extremely quiet compared to previous models. Yes, it is still a coffee grinder, but you will not be waking up to a chainsaw in your kitchen each morning.

The grounds are brewed in a gold tone permanent filter which ensures all of the delicious coffee you want makes it into the pot with none of the grounds. That’s right, no more paper filters! It reduces waste and makes clean up much easier. Overall, the build of the product makes cleaning easy. Some grounds will inevitably wander into the smaller parts of the appliance, but a regular interior wipe out will delay any clogging or brewing issues. The Cuisinart is one of the few grind and brews that include a charcoal water filter to remove water impurities prior to brewing. If your water tastes bad, so will the coffee, making filtered water key to ensuring the purest coffee flavor. The charcoal filter makes that possible without the added expense of bottle water.

You are able to brew anywhere between two to twelve cups of coffee at a time. It also includes a double insulated thermal carafe rather than a warming plate. The thermal carafe will keep your coffee as warm as the plate without the potential of burning the coffee after it sits too long. The coffee maker is approximately 10” deep, 8” wide, and 16” tall, conveniently sized to fit on almost any counter. If purchased new, the Cuisinart comes with a charcoal filter, measuring scoop, instruction booklet, and a 3-year warranty.

What about the competitors?

I compared four grind and brew coffee makers with similar features in my research. The Kenmore Elite, Black & Decker CM5000B, and Capresso 464.05 were used in the comparison. Each of these products can be found on Amazon. All four coffee makers had the same rating, but the Cuisinart had more than double the reviews of the other products with 62% of the reviews being 4’s or 5’s.

The Capresso requires a hot plate rather than using an insulated carafe, and the bean hopper also holds fewer beans than the Cuisinart. The Kenmore Elite is almost identical to the Cuisinart but has been reported to break easily and many have had to replacement it after less than a year.

The Black & Decker model is the less expensive, lower-end product of grind and brew coffee. It has many of the same features but at a lower quality. It lacks the Cuisinart’s double wall, thermal carafe, and water filter. All four products have similar features and prices, but the Cuisinart provides the most capabilities with the best quality.

The Cuisinart provides bold, savory coffee with every brew. It allows you to create each pot specifically to your taste, making it uniquely you without the hassle of individual grinding and then brewing. It easy to use, convenient to program, and brews amazing coffee. The Cuisinart is the new kitchen appliance that you desperately needs to be welcomed into your family. Get your morning off to the right start by waking up to fresh, flavorful coffee every day.

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