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Best Golf Ball for Beginners 2022

Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Set

We looked long and hard at the best beginner options for golfers and we kept coming back to the Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance set.Expert Reviewer: Patrick Reynolds

Quick Summary:
At the end of the day what we wanted out of a set of beginner golf balls was simple: something that worked and something that was durable.

You can get a dozen of these PD Long Power Distance balls for under $30 and you’ll get a couple of rounds out of each ball.

The value for these is great and the improvement to your game is appreciated.

Selecting a Golf Ball

Golf is one of the most serene games that you can play but that certainly does not mean that it is easy. From the gear that you wear to the clubs in your bag, every single decision you make will change the way your game ends up being played. Today we are going to talk about the stars of the show: the golf ball. Purchasing golf balls isn’t as easy as looking for something round, small, and white. There is a lot that goes into picking the right set of golf balls and we want to set you up for success. Let’s talk details before looking at our favorite golf balls for beginners, the Nike Golf PD Long Distance Balls.

Analyzing Golf Balls

Before you shake your head and wave away what we are saying, you need to know that not all golf balls are created equally. In fact, there are so many different types of golf balls for sale that you could be doing yourself and your game a great disservice not to take notice. We’ll look at some simple ways that you can ensure that you are getting the best bang for your buck when shopping for a new selection of golf balls.

  • Dimples – The exterior layer of your golf ball is going to be defined by the dimples that dapple the coverage area. We aren’t going to waste too much of your time talking about dimples but we will say this: dimples decide just how far your golf ball will go. Wide, shallow dimples allows you to launch a ball with limited spin and higher arc. Smaller dimples will create more backspin while keeping your ball flying low.
  • Polyeurethane or Surlyn Cover – The exterior of your golf ball, as we noted above, is important. The build of your golf ball is going to be one of two popular materials: surlyn or polyeurethane. Surlyn is firmer and offers you longer driving distance while polyeurethane allows you to control the spin easier.
  • Compression Rate – The compression rate of your golf ball is the number that decides just how your ball will react to being struck. The compression rate of your golf ball is judged on a scale from 0 to 200. At the 200 end your ball will not compress and at 0 it will deflect. The average golf ball used for competition sits somewhere in the middle of that scale.

Style of Golf Ball

We’ve talked about the exterior of the golf ball now let’s take a peak under the hood and see the different styles on the interior.

  • One Piece Construction – These are the most common types of golf balls that you will pull out for a day at the driving range. These are cheap and can be bought by the bag for just a couple of bucks. You’ll lose or beak ’em before you can get a couple of games in.
  • Two Piece Construction – These balls tend to be harder and they are possessed of resin or acrylate cores. The durable cover will allow you to swing your way through a couple of rounds before having to replace them. For beginner golfers this style of construction offers the best balance between quality and affordability.
  • Three Piece Construction – This build has both a solid core and a rubber layer surrounding it. These balls are much softer and tend to spin at an enhanced speed compared to the other options we have listed. These balls are easier to direct and aim.
  • Multi-Layer – This is the most expensive and most capable golf ball on the list. These golf balls are built to maximize your spin rate and swinging distance but it comes at a cost — longevity. Multi-layer balls tend to break down quicker but they give you the best chance to play well.

Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance Golf Balls

Let’s quit wasting your time. You have learned pretty much all that you need to know about golf balls and now it is time to grab a box of your own to hit the range. We looked long and hard at the best beginner options for golfers and we kept coming back to the Nike Golf PD Long Power Distance set. These golf balls have a slew of benefits which we will dig into bit by bit.

To start off this sleek style of ball is built-in two pieces with what Nike markets as a ‘high velocity core’. Two piece golf balls are durable and they tend to really move when they get up in the air. The PD Long Power balls are great for driving and you’ll notice, as long as your swing is on, that you are getting more consistent distance out of your game.

We’ve noticed that this set of golf balls has been excellent when trying to get that extra bit of height and speed out of your game. Excellent from the fairway and highly responsive to irons, we couldn’t help but enjoy the delightful ‘plink’ as we hit the ball and wowed out friends all at once. While the ball doesn’t do the job for you, it does make it much easier. A nice accessory to consider for your golf gear would be a quality range finder.

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