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Best Flashlight Under 50 Dollars 2023

ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight

It is powered by a single 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery. The battery is not included in the packaging, so that is an extra cost that you must consider. As an alternative, two CR123A batteries can also be used to power this flashlight.Expert Reviewer: Lewis Travino

Quick Summary:
If you are looking for a new flashlight, then the ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight is a great compact option that supplies more lumens than most flashlights of its size.

It has six different lighting options, and you can even select between cool white light and neutral white light; all for less than $50.

Best Inexpensive Flashlight Under 50 Bucks.

Have you ever been camping without a flashlight? Has your car ever stalled alongside a deserted road and left you stranded at night? A flashlight is an important tool to have in these situations and having a compact device that you can keep in the glove box of your car is ideal, but what is the best flashlight for under $50 that you can purchase for these types of situations? I have found that the ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight is an excellent option. Let’s take a look at what makes it so great.


The ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight is a mid-sized tactical flashlight that is designed to help you see where you are going. It features a lightweight and compact design that is easy to carry with you where ever you go. In fact, this flashlight is only two inches by 7.3 inches by 2.6 inches in size, and it weighs about seven ounces. This flashlight features a tail switch, which makes it easy to illuminate an area quickly.

The body is crafted from a light aluminum material that is strong enough to endure everyday use. The exterior of the metal is then coated with a premium type three hard anodized finish that will protect the flashlight from scratches and abrasions as well as corrosion that could occur from being outdoors in the elements.

Output Capabilities

This flashlight features six different output modes that are designed to meet you illumination needs, no matter what they are. You can quickly switch between modes using the switch that is located on the side of the device, which is also textured to help you find it in the dark. The modes that are available on the ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight are:

  • Firefly Mode – This is a low lighting mode that offers a very dim light that is only 0.4 lumens. Using this lighting level will last for about 74 days, but since it is so dim, this is typically only used on rare occasions. If you happen to be stranded though, you will have light for months.
  • Low Mode – This mode offers 11 lumens of light for a period of five and a half days.
  • Medium Mode – This option is ideal for many situations; it offers 145 lumens for 11.8 hours of time.
  • High Mode – This mode outputs 370 lumens for a period of 4.2 hours of time.
  • Turbo Mode – This is the mode that is the brightest; in fact, it has a 1050 lumen output that can amazingly last for 95 minutes of time.
  • Strobe Mode – Holding the switch will give you an 800 lumen blinking light that will last for approximately 3.8 hours of time. Simply press the switch again to switch back to the previous mode.

Beam Distance

The beam coverage of a flashlight is important because some flashlights have a narrow focused beam, while others cover a wider range. This flashlight features a concentrated extended beam that illuminates of up to 285 meters, which is more than adequate in most situations.

Unique Lighting Options

Most flashlights only offer one type of lighting, but this one gives you the option of choosing between cool white and neutral white. Cool white is a brighter illumination that is great for seeing into the distance. Cool white is typically about 20 percent brighter than neutral white, but if you need to defend yourself for any reason, this mode is perfect for blinding someone. Neutral white is gentler for outdoor situations where you want to see areas in their natural color. It is the perfect choice for walking to the restroom when you are camping; it provides illumination to see, but not enough to wake others from their slumber.

Power Source

This flashlight utilizes a CREE XM-L2 U2 LED bulb, which is centralized in the device and capable of over 50,000 hours of use. It is powered by a single 18650 lithium ion rechargeable battery. The battery is not included in the packaging, so that is an extra cost that you must consider. As an alternative, two CR123A batteries can also be used to power this flashlight. In most situations, you will only use the rechargeable batteries, but in the event that you cannot recharge them, having the other option available is not a bad solution. In addition, there is a reverse polarity feature that ensures that the battery is installed properly.

Additional Features

Durability is important for a flashlight, and this one has quite a few features that make it more durable than some of the other options on the market. The first is a thermal limit system that ensures that the device will not get too hot. Tactical flashlights tend to overheat, which can cause damage to the bulb, and this safety feature will prevent that from occurring. There is also a built in system that prevents the batteries from over charging, so they will be protected as well.

This flashlight is also impact resistant, so if the flashlight falls out of your pocket or from heights that are less than a meter and a half, damage will not occur to the device. In addition, this flashlight has an O-ring seal, which means that it is designed to be capable of handling water to some extent. According to the manufacturer, this device can be submerged in up to two meters of water for a period of 30 minutes without causing any damage to the internal parts of the device.


The ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight is manufactured by a company that stands behind their products, so when you purchase this device, you will also receive a lifetime warranty to cover the cost of any repairs or replacements that may be required for the flashlight to continue working properly.

Included Accessories

There are a few accessories that are included with the purchase of this flashlight. You will find two additional O-rings in the packaging so that you can replace the one that is in the flashlight if it begins to crack or break. Replacing this O-ring is imperative if you want the waterproof functionality to remain intact. In addition, a clip is included to attach the flashlight to your belt while you are on the go as well as a lanyard, which can be used to attach the flashlight to your travel bag. A holster is also included to protect the flashlight when you are not using it.

Final Thoughts

Flashlights are great tools to have available because you never know when you will need light in an emergency. A flashlight is perfect for when your home loses electricity, you vehicle stalls along the highway at night, or you are camping in a tent and you need to go use the facilities at night. The bottom line is that if you will be outdoors at night, the ThruNite TN12 EDC LED Flashlight will help you light your way.

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