best digital multimeter under 200

Best Digital Multimeter Under 200 Dollars 2023

The Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter

The dial, which is oriented on the right of the device, is accessible and operable with just your thumb. Expert Reviewer: Bill Herndon

Quick Summary:
In my opinion, this is one of the best multimeters currently on the market. It has a great build quality and made for professionals, but it has just the right amount of user-friendliness for the home user.
With all of the available meter settings you can accurately measure just about any voltage or resistance that you need.

About Multimeters

One of the handiest devices for anyone to have around the house is a multimeter. These devices can range anywhere from $5 to hundreds of dollars, but typically, if you want to do any electrical measurement, you’ll want a digital unit.

The best digital multimeter will have the ability to measure DC and AC currents, the Ohm scale, and continuity. Let’s take a look at some of the functionality of one of these devices before we get to the review of the excellent, what I feel is best-in-class, Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter.

What a Good Multimeter Can Do For You

Not all multimeters are created equal, but a good industrial level multimeter will help your do five things. The Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter does all these things and more with aplomb, but here is a general list of functions that you can expect with a good model multimeter:

  • Check DC Currents – This is the type of voltage measurement that you can use for a device like a car battery. Simply align the leads with the two positive and negative consoles.
  • Check AC Currents – If you need to check the status of a wall outlet, then you’ll want to use this setting. Simply place the leads into the outlet; the negative lead in the leftmost and the positive in the rightmost, and you’ll get an accurate reading.
  • Ohm Scale Resistance – This measurement is perfect for a device like a spark plug, so you can get an idea of the resistance. Simply turn your multimeter to the proper ohm setting and apply the leads.
  • Check the Functionality of Diodes – Diodes are designed to act as a gate; voltage goes through in one direction, but won’t flow back in the same way. Diodes have a tendency to fail over time, so using a multimeter to check their functionality is very useful. Simply place the leads on the diode’s contact points, if there is no reading, switch lead position. If you get nothing in either placement, the diode has failed. This is the perfect type of device for measuring loose LEDs.
  • Check Continuity: Continuity measures whether is a continuous flow of energy in a device like a light bulb. A multimeter is a perfect device to test this functionality.

Best Digital Multimeter Under 200… Fluke 115 Multimeter

  • Strong Build Quality and Utility– One of the most useful features of this multimeter is its strong build quality. It can take a ding, so it’s perfect for an electrician who has to sometimes do a bit of climbing. To reinforce its sturdiness, the Fluke 115 comes inside a yellow rubber boot. This boot fits neatly around the edges of the Fluke 115 and will protect the vulnerable edges from accruing any unfortunate damage. In addition to this, this cover also helps the device avoid any untoward scratches or dings from a hard work environment.
  • Ease of Use – This device is one of the easiest to use accurately on the market. The first key feature is its ergonomics and ease of operation. The device fits easily in your hands and has a series of functions that you can operate with just one hand or even a finger. The selector switch which will help you choose from the device’s multiple settings is a large dial.
  • The Dial – Oriented on the right of the device, is accessible and operable with just your thumb. What makes this the perfect orientation is the fact that when using a multimeter, many people hold the leads in one hand and the device in the other. This thumb controllable orientation makes positioning this much easier to execute.

If you need to set the Fluke 115 down, you’ll have a couple of great options. Firstly, the device has a stand in the rear that will let you easily set the device on the floor or on another flat surface so that you can attach leads or move onto another process. In addition to this, there is a recess in the back of the device that allows you to place it on a hook. As a matter of fact, the device has an optional magnetic hanger that you can purchase separately.

Additional Features

In addition to these convenience features, this device also has some great built-in functionality that makes it one of the better devices on the market. Let’s take a look at a few:

  • Backlight – For professionals, not all voltage and current checking are done in the brightest environments. With this in mind, the large display on this device has a built-in backlight, so that you can see your readings clearly.
  • True RMS Measurement – RMS means root means square and is the measurement system for gauging alternate current (AC). True RMS is preferred typically because it’s the only system that can measure both sinusoidal and non-sinusoidal AC current accurately.
  • Min/ Max Display – This min/max functionality will accurately tell you the minimum and maximum voltage for a device.
  • Hold Button – The perfect feature for professionals, this hold button will ensure that you don’t accidentally activate the device while in the thick of things on a worksite or job.


Although this is a great multimeter, you should consider a couple of things before purchasing it. Firstly, the display has a tendency to appear washed out from certain angles. This means that if you set your device down at an angle and check the voltage above the device, it may be hard to read the multimeter; even with the backlight on.

Final Thoughts

The Fluke 115 Compact True-RMS Digital Multimeter is a great multimeter for any skill level of the user and is the perfect way to get a grasp on almost any device or outlet’s voltage. A multimeter will save you costly electrical diagnoses from professionals; with this device, you can figure out your home’s electrical issues with relative ease. It’s reasonably easy to use, fits comfortably in your hands, and has more than enough settings to provide all of the features you’d ever need to monitor voltage.