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Best Crossbow for Hunting Whitetail Deer 2023

PSE Fang 350 Crossbow

This hunting crossbow is a wonderful option for almost anybody regardless of experience-level, budget, or sought-after game.Expert Reviewer: Todd Rivera

Quick Summary:
The crossbow is easy to use and has built-in safety features, making it a great option for hunters new to crossbow use or even hunting in general.

Additionally, this crossbow delivers enough force for taking down deer, making it a great option for experienced crossbow hunters who are looking for a new replacement for an older product or something to add to their collection.

The PSE Fang 350 Crossbow is the best crossbow for hunting whitetail.

Selecting a Crossbow For Hunting

If you are a hunter who wants to break into the world of crossbows or somebody just looking for the best crossbow on the market, then you know how frustrating it can be trying to find the best crossbow at the best value. You want something strong with a great amount of power, but probably don’t want that $1000 price-tag so common on the market these days and are seeking larger game like deer.

Lucky for you, I have done all the research necessary to find you the best hunting crossbow at an incredible value. What you save in price you definitely will not be sacrificing in quality. The PSE Fang 350 Crossbow is widely regarded as one of the best hunting crossbows on the market, and it only costs $330! This crossbow will satisfy all your hunting needs and expectations.

The PSE Fang 350 Crossbow Features and Benefits

Anti-dry fire trigger: This safety feature protects you from shooting your weapon accidentally before an arrow is in place. The safety bar is spring-loaded and will remain in place until an arrow is properly seated. Then, it allows you to finally switch the safety off.

  • Removable 4×32 scope – Scopes come in handy in most hunting situations, but for bigger game or closer targets the scope might get in the way. This bow allows for you to remove the scope whenever you want based on your own hunting preferences.
  • 6.8 lbs. Mass Weight and 35-Inch Length This bow is extremely lightweight, making it easier to manage during the hunt and also to transport.
  • 350 FPS – This crossbow shoots at 350 feet per second, which translates to about 106 lbs. of force behind your shot. This is enough to take down almost any target and makes this crossbow great for hunting larger game like whitetail and making more lethal shots.
  • Dual string stops – Having dual string stops helps to keep your crossbow quieter that single string bows during your hunt. Additionally, the dual strings release your arrow more precisely than the other option and helps you hit your target.
  • 5 Bolt Detachable Quiver – The quiver on this crossbow holds five bolts and you can decide to take it off whenever it becomes cumbersome or in the way.
  • Comes Full Set – If you buy this crossbar you also get some additional items in the set. You will receive three 20 inch carbon arrows and a tube of rail lubricant for an easier shot and quieter use.
  • Bullpup Configuration – The pistol-grip and trigger of this crossbow sit closer to the front of the bow than they do on many other models. This allows for a more stable firing platform and for you to remain comfortable as you hunt. It will also help you hold your position for longer periods of time before your arm grows tired.


As with any product on the market, The PSE Fang 350 Crossbow may have a few drawbacks. Though the good far outweighs the bad with this product, here are a few things you may want to keep in mind before purchasing.

  • Scope – I have found that the scope included with this crossbow is not of the best quality. Since it is removable you can definitely go and buy yourself a better scope to accompany the bow, but for those not wanting to spend the extra money the stock scope will work just fine.
  • Quiver placement -If you feel as though the crossbow is unbalanced during use, you can detaching the quiver before you actually take aim.

Who Should Buy The PSE Fang 350 Crossbow

This hunting crossbow is a wonderful option for almost anybody regardless of experience-level, budget, or sought-after game. The great value in no way means a sacrifice in quality, and this product has definitely built up a good reputation even among more experienced hunters.

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