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Rubbermaid 60 Quart Wheeled Cooler

Another great feature that my kids absolutely love about this cooler is its lid. It comes with convenient built-in cup holders. When we’re out having fun, everyone is always looking for a secure place to set their drinks.Expert Reviewer: Deborah Evans

Quick Summary:
This Rubbermaid cooler sports heavy-duty wheels making the cooler easy to maneuver through a variety of terrains, including sand or grass.

Whether it’s at a neighborhood park, the beach or even walking through a parking lot, the heavy-duty wheels make this cooler extremely easy to bring anywhere I need it.

Wheels Make a Big Difference

One of the best features of this cooler is its easy portability; after all, isn’t that the whole purpose of having a cooler? A large cooler can be difficult to carry, especially if you have it filled and you need to move it more than a few feet. I was definitely tired of trying to drag our old cooler across the beach, so finding a cooler that had wheels was at the top of my priority list. I think this Rubbermaid 60 quart cooler is the best cooler on wheels because it has two very sturdy, all-terrain wheels that make it a breeze to pull just about anywhere.

Of course, a well designed handle also contributes to the maneuverability of the cooler, and this Rubbermaid Ice Chest features a sturdy metal and plastic retractable handle for almost effortless pulling. I simply pull the retractable handle up and I can take the cooler just about anywhere I need to go; but, with a simple push, the collapsible handle folds down and out-of-the-way, leaving me with the ability to use the ice chest as an extra seat; which is a popular spot for the kids.

A Large Cooler on Wheels Makes it Easy to Bring Along Your Favorite Beverages

I have a large family and we always seem to have a few extra kids with us when we head out for some weekend fun, so size is definitely an important consideration when choosing a cooler. This 60 quart Rubbermaid ice chest offers plenty of room for bringing along our favorite beverages, snacks and even sandwiches or the kids’ favorite treats.

A day at the beach is a great way to relax and definitely one of our favorite family activities; but, for us, taking along a large capacity cooler can make it even more enjoyable. For one thing, my kids seem to always be hungry or thirsty, so having plenty of drinks and snacks on hand can be a great way to keep them hydrated and satisfied. Of course, even if we are at a park or other event where there is concession stands available, having a cooler filled with food and beverages definitely helps us save money. Eating from the concession stands is not only expensive, it also generally means that our options are not very healthy; however, with a good cooler, I’m always able to make sure the kids have something healthy to snack on as well as cool beverages to keep them hydrated.

No-Spill Cup Holders

Another great feature that my kids absolutely love about this cooler is its lid. It comes with convenient built-in cup holders. When we’re out having fun, everyone is always looking for a secure place to set their drinks. However, when we’re at the beach, little league game or picnic; it can be hard to find somewhere to put a drink without it getting knocked over. The convenient cup holders built right into the lid of this Rubbermaid cooler provide the perfect place for holding beverages and keeping them safe. There are 4 individual cup holders formed right into the lid of the cooler, 2 drink holders on each half of the split top cover. With the recessed drink holders, the cooler also provides a wonderful way to keep beverages from getting warm.

The Rubbermaid Cooler is Stain Resistant

I definitely have an active family, so our cooler gets used quite frequently. We typically take our cooler to sporting events, on field trips, vacations and weekend camping trips. An important feature that I look for in a cooler is one that is stain resistant. While this cooler is certainly a functional item that we use to keep our food and beverages cold, it is also very important to me that it looks nice and clean, even after many family adventures. The 60 quart Rubbermaid cooler has a white stain and odor resistant liner. Of course, this liner is also easy to clean, making clean up after a busy outing so much easier.

A Thermal Resistant Cooler

When looking for an ice chest, I certainly want something that is going to be able to keep food and beverages cold for as long as possible. Whether the cooler is sitting in the back of our hot car or it’s out in the soccer field, keeping in the cold is essential. Fortunately, the Rubbermaid cooler offers excellent thermal resistance so that cold items stay cold for hours.

Split Lid for Better Cold Retention

A cooler with good thermal retention is definitely helpful in keeping foods and beverages chilled for long periods of time; however, with kids, much of that thermal benefit can be lost when they are continually opening and closing the cooler lid. Like most kids, mine never seem to be able to grab something quickly, but rather, tend to rummage through the cooler; this means we’re constantly losing the cool air that has built up in the ice chest. With this Rubbermaid Cooler, I especially like the idea that the entire lid does not have to be opened. The cover is split into two sections, so you can open either side, individually. This makes it much easier to open just a small section of the cooler and grab a cold drink or sandwich without letting out all the cold air.

Made in the USA

Some people might question why I think this is an important feature, but to my family, we always like to buy American made products. I definitely like the idea that this Rubbermaid ice chest is made right here in the United States of America; in fact, for me, that is one of my top criteria when making a buying decision.

The Rubbermaid 60 quart ice chest has the features I need in a cooler. From portability to easy clean and kid friendly, this is our go to cooler for all of our family activities.

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