3M 08888 Glass Cleaner

Best Car Window Cleaner 2023 – Safe for Tinted Windows

3M 08888 Glass Cleaner

You know your windows are really clean when you can barely notice the glass exists.Expert Reviewer: Juan Ortiz

Quick Summary:
The glass cleaner that is most effective and has the greatest versatility is 3M Glass Cleaner. It’s the one used by many professionals because it does the job, even on heavy dirt and grime, but is still safe to use around paint, tinted glass and even upholstery. It also works for cleaning plastic and chrome. The chemicals used in the formula have a strong smell, but adequate ventilation should take care of that issue. All of the products I considered cleaned glass, but 3-M Glass Cleaner is the clear winner.

Which Cleaners are the Best?

Each person will have different standards about what makes a great glass cleaner including how often in has to be applied, how it smells and how much it costs. Of course, the first consideration is whether it works as advertised. Quite simply, how well does it clean?

Discover the Best Car Window Cleaner

What should you use to remove the film that builds up on the inside of your car windshield? You might need something more effective than the blue stuff in the spray bottle. Almost all household glass cleaners contain ammonia and ammonia is great as a grease cutter, but when it comes to cleaning car windows but can be damaging to window tint. Car window cleaners are designed to clean and protect glass that’s exposed to the elements. And as a matter of fact, auto glass cleaners are also fine to use on the windows in your house. They’re especially useful for glass that gets wet frequently, like glass shower doors.

What do I Use to Clean Auto Glass?

Using the right cleaner is important, but there’s another tip for achieving a sparkling car windshield and windows, and that’s using the most efficient cleaning towels. Some people swear by using micro-fiber cloths to do the job because of their cleaning power. Another tried-and-true way to get sparkling windows is to use wadded up newspapers. They really work!

A Few Words About Cleaning Cloths

To really be able to tell whether a car window cleaner is effective, you have to start with a cleaning cloth that’s free of leftover detergent and oils and waxes from dryer sheets. The best way to get sparkling windows is to add distilled vinegar to the final rinse when washing your cleaning rags, as this will eliminate any remaining detergent. And never, ever use dryer sheets on your glass cloths because that will cause streaks on the glass.

Clean car windows not only look great, but because they help to improve driving visibility, they can help to accomplish better driving ability. Taking a few extra moments to give car windows a clean, sparkling touch could help in saving lives.

The advanced car window cleaning formulas provided by today’s technology can be used not only to wash, but they make car windows appear cleaner and shinier. With so many window cleaners to choose from, it may seem challenging to find the best car window cleaner.

After trying numerous others, I have found 3M Glass cleaner to be the best car window cleaner because it is an industrial strength, ammonia free formula that eliminates greasy dirt, grit, and grime. Being it aerosol, it creates foam that stays on a vertical surface. If you over-spray onto other areas of the car, it is not damaging. It leaves no residue and results in a crystal clear, streak-free shine. You know your windows are really clean when you can barely notice the glass exists.

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