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Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat

The Grow and Go seat converts to a booster seat for kids up to 100 pounds and fifty-seven inches in height.Expert Reviewer: Portia Benson

Quick Summary:
The Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 car seat weighs only 18.7 pounds and is quite versatile because it can grow with your child. This eliminates the need to purchase several car seats as your child grows. The seat comes in accent colors of blue coral, port royal, plumeria, lindy, and everest so it can be purchased for both boys and girls.

The Car Seat for Babies and Growing Children

This seat can be used from the first ride home until your child reaches 100 pounds. As a newborn seat for babies up to 40 pounds and up to forty inches in height, the Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 offers a safe and secure in the rear facing position. This installation has been improved to allow up to seven more inches of leg room for the front seat. Removable pillows keep your little one snug and comfy and can be taken out as your baby grows.

When a forward-facing car seat is needed, the Grow and Go 3-in-1 is easy to install. It can be used in this position for children up to 65 pounds and forty-nine inches in height. The conversion is simple and the five-point harness keeps your child protected.

When your child outgrows the forward-facing seat, simply remove the harness. The Grow and Go seat converts to a booster seat for kids up to 100 pounds and fifty-seven inches in height. The seat belts in your vehicle are used to hold the booster seat and your child securely.


The washable fabric is really a plus because everyone knows that kids are going to make messes. They are going to spill drinks or accidentally drop a snack. The seat pad is simple to remove without detaching the harness and it can be machine-washed and dried making clean up simple.

Another favorable feature is Quick-Fit Harness System.

The headrest and the harness are completely adjustable from the front in one simple step. The headrest provides the right fit and head support for all sizes. The five-point harness stays in place when putting your child in the car seat and taking them out. There is no need to hunt for the harness or clips behind your child when buckling them in the seat.

When using the seat as a booster the harness has to be removed. This can be a problem with some car seats because it can become lost and if it is needed at a future date for another child. Safety 1st has solved that problem by including a storage compartment for the harness until it is needed.

The Safety 1st Grow and Go features a three-position recline to keep your child comfortable on trips. This feature is easy to adjust with one hand, making it easy to find them a comfortable position to nap or enjoy the sights. I would also suggest buying a baby car seat cover to help them sleep and to help protect against germs from coughing and sneezing passengers and strangers.

The two built-in cup holders to store a couple of drinks for your child while on the road are yet another feature Moms will find handy. They are particularly handy for older children. One can be used for a drink and the other for snacks. This eliminates the need to have to reach around when your child is ready for a drink.

Ease of Installation of the Safety 1st Grow and Go

One of the most favorable aspects of installing this car seat in any of the positions is a customer service department with videoconferencing. Although there is a manual that comes with the seat to show parents how to install it in all three modes, some parents may wonder if they have installed the seat correctly. This is particularly true for first-time parents.

If you are concerned just contact customer service at Dorel Juvenile, the company behind this brand. With Skype or FaceTime on your smart phone, you can chat with a customer service representative and they can look at the seat via your phone to see if it is correctly installed and of course they offer email support as well. This will help parents rest easier when making sure their little ones are riding in a car seat that has been placed in the vehicle in the right manner.


The Safety 1st Grow and Go has a 24-month manufacturers warranty ensuring that it was built to current safety requirements and is free from defects. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear. The seat has an expiration which is ten years from the manufacture date. This can be found on the side of the seat on a white sticker.

Purchasing a car seat is a very important decision because you want the best seat available to keep your child safe. This seat has all the latest safety features and the added benefit of being able to grow with your child. A good combination of quality, value, and child safety has been put into the manufacture of this seat. If you are looking for a car seat you owe it to yourself and your child to check out the Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 car seat.

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