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Best Car Drying Towel 2023 – High Quality Microfiber

Dry Rite Heavy Weight Premium Plus Microfiber Cloth

This towel far outperforms the other standard cloths used to dry vehicle surfaces which means fewer towels to do the same job.Expert Reviewer: Dan Morgan
Quick Summary:
These towels help leave your car virtually dry and lint free after a car wash. The fibers are so gentle on metallic, glass, and other surfaces that there is no fear over causing fine surfaces. Furthermore, investing in these towels will save you money as they do just as good of a job as any professional, but you can do it yourself and even reuse every towel that you’ve bought.

Selecting the Best Car Drying Towel

Do you like to wash your car in your driveway? Maybe you like to shine it up now and again, or maybe you get your truck muddy in the fields on a daily basis. Whatever the case, having a good drying towel for your car can help prevent streaks and leave your vehicle ready to go as soon as you’re done washing it. There are many car drying towels out there, but the one I would recommend is the Dry Rite Heavy Weight Premium Plus Microfiber Cloth.

Dry Rite Microfiber Cloth Description

Microfiber cloths are notorious for how ideal they are when cleaning a vehicle. They work both wet and dry for cleaning, polishing, or simply drying off vehicles, mirrors, and windows. They are reusable and gentle enough that they will not scratch your vehicle. This super thick version is 14″ by 14″ and can be washed in a laundry machine.

How to Use the Dry Rite Microfiber Cloth

People who want to clean their cars use these cloths to remove sealer products, polish, dirt, and excess water. The cloths work on the painted metallic surfaces as well as glassy surfaces, not just on car windows but also TVs, phones, and mirrors. These cloths are easy to use because, when you’re done using one, you can simply throw it in the laundry and use it again.

Why Microfiber is a Good Choice

It’s very important to consider what material is in your car drying towel so you don’t damage any surfaces. The microfiber brands are good for this reason as they are soft yet strong. The other kinds of wash cloths that can be used include window towels (cotton), terry cloths, washing mitts (cotton with long fibers), and chamois leather. These materials can sometimes leave small scratches if pressed too hard on the surface of a car.

Microfiber really rises above the others because it is soft and made out of synthetic fibers. Because of the synthetic fibers, the cloth can be used without any kinds of chemicals to clean, dust, or even polish the car. Dust particles merely get trapped between the fibers, so the cloth doesn’t absorb them and get trapped. Similarly, moisture can be wicked away and easily dried out from the cloth when towel drying a vehicle.

Types of Microfiber Car Products

Microfiber is sold in a variety of styles. It can be in the specialized form of a polish towel, a wash cloth, or a drying cloth. Typically, these styles have to do with the length of the fibers and the cut of the cloth. I would recommend the ultra thick, heavy weight large towel because it works well on all surfaces of the vehicle and folds out to be of considerable size.

Do-It-Yourself Benefits of Microfiber

This microfiber towel is great because it can clean every surface of your vehicle to the degree a professional could. It is 100% safe, non-scratching, non-streaking that can be used on all surfaces, including electronic screens. The towels can also be used with water or cleaning products or completely dry, such as when you want to buff or polish the vehicle. The super plush microfiber in this towel are extremely absorbent, very gentle, and perfect for making your car look like it was professionally cleaned – but without leaving your driveway.

Environmental Perks

Perhaps the most wonderful part of this product, besides its ability to clean and dry cars so gently, is its eco-friendly side. These towels are completely reusable, so no more throwing out wasteful paper towels or buying cloths that wear out right away. You can simply wash these cloths with your regular laundry over and over again. It is, however, recommended that you take care to wash with like colors, without fabric softener, and to never apply excess heat to the synthetic fibers.

How People Like This Microfiber Towel

In my research, customers are almost always completely satisfied. The cloths are described as being incredibly useful, soft, and clean. They don’t leave behind residues ad they don’t shed. Take caution to follow directions, however, because some have reported the fibers getting clogged if you accidentally do use fabric softener when cleaning the towels in the washing machine.

The heavy weight of this towel is also a preferable quality. It makes it resilient and allows it to pick up more materials like dirt and water than thinner towels do. It is considered a great investment by many because of its reusable, performance, and initial costs. These towels are as good as any professional detailer will use to clean your vehicle, so you might as well stock up and save on some money.

Where the Towels Don’t Perform as Well

Every great thing has its downsides as well, including these drying towels. Although the towels absorb water impressively, they might take a little extra effort to dry out completely if you completely saturate them. Try wringing them out and they should dry faster by the air, or throw them on some medium dryer heat if trying to speed up the process. It is also crucial to follow care directions because of how easily the fibers can become damaged and fail to function like brand new.

Overall Thoughts about the Dry Rite Heavy Weight Premium Plus Microfiber Towel

If you enjoy washing your own vehicle and you’re looking for a towel to dry it back off again, don’t hesitate in trying this Dry Rite Heavy Weight Premium Plus Microfiber towel. It’s great for fine surfaces as well as the overall body of the vehicle, it’s reusable, and it’s good for both drying and polishing surfaces. It’s a product that a lot of car owners have been impressed with, so see if it meets your expectations as well!

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