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Best Breast Milk Storage System 2023

Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set

These pouches store, screw on to pumps, and attach seamlessly to both the bottle and the nipple.Expert Reviewer: Amber Lombarto

Quick Summary:
The Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set is clearly designed to help enhance the feeling of closeness that’s typically associated with feeding time.

From its natural feeding nipple to its single container philosophy that protects the contents of your breast milk, there’s clearly been a lot of care in the design of this product.

As a result of this extra care, this product is easily one of the best breast milk storage systems on the market today.

Selecting a Breast Milk Storage System

The connection that fostered by breastfeeding your child is unique and also represents the beginning of one of life’s strongest bonds that will last a lifetime. Additionally, breastfeeding has been known to provide a plethora of health benefits including the sharing of key transfer factors that will bolster the immune response of your child and give them a healthy leg up on life.

As a result of the huge benefits that breast milk provides, many parents are continuing to use it over formula. As a result of this, these same parents are finding that they are in need of a system to store breast milk so that they can feed it to their little ones at a later date. So, which is the best system to store breast milk for baby? After some research, I’ve discovered that there is few better breast milk storing options than the Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set.

This is What’s Included in the Kiinde Gift Set

While we’ll mention some of the key pack-ins in our feature section, let’s take a more in-depth look at what Kiinde has included in this gift set:

  • Collect Twist Pouch – These are the basis of the whole Kiinde system. These pouches store, screw on to pumps, and attach seamlessly to both the bottle and the nipple.
  • Store Keeper – The Store Keeper stores the Collect Twist Pouches so that you can keep your baby’s breast milk fresh.
  • Warm Kozii – This unit warms the frozen or cool pouches in warm water. This process preserves the antibodies and nutrients in the breast milk.
  • Snap Squeeze Natural Feeding Bottle – Once it’s been warmed, this is where you place the pouches for your baby to drink from.
  • Feed Active Latch Nipple – This part twists onto the combined bottle and pouch. You can even use different brand nipples if you wish.

Why this is the Best Breast Milk Storage

The Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set has a lot going for it. Let’s take a look at what makes it a truly unique option for managing your breast milk for your loved one.

  • Breast Milk Pump Compatibility – Firstly, it has a level of compatibility with breast milk pumps that is perfect for mothers who’d like to collect and store with relative ease. The Kiinde comes with three unique pump adapters so that you can find the connection that’s right for your particular pump. Once you’ve attached the adapter to the pump, you’ll need to attach a Kiinde pouch that you can pump directly into. Each pouch has an area for you to write the date, so this is another layer of convenience for this stage.
  • The Included Shelving Unit – This product comes with a shelving unit for your freezer. Once you’ve pumped your breast milk into the pouches, you’ll need a place to store them. Fortunately, Kiinde has included a shelving unit that you can freeze for your pouches. This shelving unit fits neatly in your freezer and will easily store ten pouches in a stacking formation.
  • The Pouches Themselves – The Kiinde pouches are great. Not just for their breast pump compatibility but also because they are so durable. The twist design on each pouch makes accidental spills a near impossibility.
  • Quick and Nutrient-Preserving Warming – Freezing is great, but if you don’t have a way to quickly thaw your frozen breast milk, then this kit loses a lot of its value. With this in mind, the Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set comes complete with a Warn Kozii unit. The Kozii is a breast milk warming product that’s produced by Kiinde. This device uses an acclaimed system that uses low-temperature warming so that the nutrients that are in the breast milk aren’t lost. You can even use Kozii to safely warm formula and pureed food.
  • Quick Turnover – Once you’ve thawed out and warmed a Kiinde pouch for your little one, it’s easy to feed them quickly. Each pouch can be quickly fitted with a one-piece active latch nipple and easily fitted in the Kiinde Squeeze Natural feeding bottle. The nipple works like a natural one, so in order to feed, your child will have to actively suck and massage, which will allow a more seamless transition for your baby.

Growing With Your Baby

Your baby won’t be on breast milk forever. Fortunately, the Kiinde Collect Twist Pouches are designed to grow with your child. Kiinde calls this the “Foodii System,” and it entails using the Collect Twist Pouches for pureed food. The pouches work perfectly for exploring little ones who want a snack. They can go about their play and eat the pureed food when they feel the need. As mentioned previously, the pouches are very durable and won’t spill, despite the fact that a young one will put it through its paces! To convert to the Foodii System, you’ll have to use a different squeeze nipple so that your child can have their pureed food with ease.

Safety and Convenience

Simply put, it’s difficult to provide the key nutrients from breast milk that your baby needs, especially if you’re a working mom. This is why it’s great that the Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set is such a valuable breast milk storage system. It provides a layer of extra convenience that can really help your child get a leg up in development.

Additionally, the plastic used in this set is all very safe for your child. It’s all BPA and PVC-free, and the pouch is made of a perfectly safe low-density polyethylene. It’s great to know that you can reuse this particular product for years without worrying about contamination.


Just like any product, the Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set isn’t perfect. One particular weakness, which can be a bit annoying, is the fact that Warm Kozii unit has a tendency to not thaw the milk at the top of the pouch that efficiently. This is because the unit uses water to heat your milk and safeguard its nutrients and antibodies. This is far from a deal breaker, especially considering that it just adds a few extra minutes to the process.

Final Thoughts

This Kiinde product is a great set for any new mom who wants to always have breast milk on hand for her little one. It really has a lot of great features and pack-ins that make it a near-perfect product. Having a newborn is a gift that comes with its fair share of difficulties, but it’s nice that there are products like the Kiinde Breast Milk Storage Twist Gift Set that are designed to add a bit of convenience to the lives of new parents.

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