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Best Boxing Gloves 2023

Twins Special Boxing Gloves

There is a venting area in the palm that lets incoming air wick away any accumulated sweat that is starting to collect.Expert Reviewer: Joe Reiani

Quick Summary:
The Twins Special BGVL-3 are a great pair of excellent, functional boxing gloves that are perfect for sparring, training on the punching bag, or even during mixed martial arts bouts.

They can be quickly put on one-handed so that training is easy, and have a huge amount of padding so that your hands are thoroughly protected from extensive bruising.

Selecting the Best Boxing Gloves

For those who love to take it to the ring from time to time, nothing is better than a quality pair of boxing gloves. These pieces of gear protect your knuckles, protect the face from superficial and extensive damage, and through these protections, can also allow a fighter to be able to throw stronger punches without worrying about increased injury.

I’ve always been a fan of going to the gym and sparring when I have the opportunity, so I know about the value of having the best boxing gloves. While there are different types of gloves for sparring, boxing, and even different types of mixed martial arts, I like the types that have a wide variety of uses so that I can use them for different purposes. These types of multipurpose boxing gloves should have a large amount of cushioning and also should be made of great materials that won’t wear out with use. With this in mind, I find that the Twins Special BGVL-3 Leather Training Gloves are perfect for my needs.

Glove Material

The material that a pair of boxing glove is made of is one of the most important features to look out for. If the material is cheap, the gloves will quickly crack, thin out, and start to lose the all-important cushioning that is designed to protect you and your opponent. Some gloves are made of vinyl, which tends to fail in all of these regards except when used for training on a bag or in cardio training.

In regards to materials, Twins did a great job with these gloves as they are made of 100 percent real leather. The best boxing gloves are made of leather because the material is very durable and will resist most damage; including tears. Additionally, these gloves shine because the leather does a great job of keeping the padding where it needs to be; around your wrist and in front of your knuckles.


Protection is the whole point of it all, right? Anyone who’s been in a bare-knuckle fight or training sessions knows how much damage can happen to your hands when you hit just about anything. The Twins Special BGVL-3 Leather Training Gloves do a great job of protection because they are some of the most well-padded boxing gloves currently available on the market.

The majority of the padding is present around the knuckles, so striking hard surfaces like bone won’t be so dangerous for your knuckles. Additionally, there is a thick layer of padding around the wrists as well. The wrists are the part of the arm that many boxers use to deflect and block incoming blows, so having a thick layer of padding in this area is very advantageous.

The thick padding in both areas of the gloves also makes them very comfortable. You’ll have to break them in for optimal comfort, but the reason that they feel so good to wear is that the Twins Special BGVL-3 has a triple layer of padding. The top layer is very soft so that your opponent is well-protected. The second layer is much firmer so that much of the impact is well-dispersed. The final layer of the Twins Special BGVL-3 is very soft, which allows them to feel comfortable when you wear them.

The reason that these take a little time to break in is because of the firm layer, but once it adapts to your fist, these gloves become some of the most comfortable, yet protective boxing gloves currently on the market.


Leather is one of the more durable materials for these types of gloves out there, but this isn’t the limit of these gloves’ durability. What makes these so durable is the fact that they are handmade. Each glove is made by hand in Thailand, which means that each stitch is hand-tightened so that the cushioning cannot move around inside of the gloves. Simply put, design and craftsmanship are the chief reasons that you’ll be able to use these gloves for just about any type of training for years to come.


Boxing has been one of the more popular sports in the world for generations, but in today’s world, there are also a wide variety of full-contact sports where gloves like these will shine. If you’re an MMA fighter, a Muay Thai practitioner, or a standard kickboxer, these gloves provide more than enough padding for you to safely practice your art. As mentioned before, the two areas of padding; the wrist and the knuckles are perfect for blocking and striking confidently.

Closing System

These gloves use a Velcro-based system for security. Velcro provides a quick closing system that you can use when you want to get training quickly. On the other hand, it’s not quite as secure as laced gloves, but lace-up gloves require you to train with someone else who will secure your gloves for you. In the end, it’ll come down to personal preference if the Velcro system is good for your boxing needs.

Additional Features

The Twins Special BGVL-3 has a few extra features that make them an excellent pair of boxing gloves. Firstly, the internal surface of the gloves is made of satin, so once again these gloves are very comfortable. Secondly, they breathe very well even after extended wear as well. There is a venting area in the palm that lets incoming air wick away any accumulated sweat that is starting to collect. Outside of the padding, the support on the inside and outside of the wrist is spectacular.


Despite being near-perfect, there are some considerations that you should think of if you are intending to buy these boxing gloves. Due to the padding, these are very large gloves, so if you have a problem with extra padding, these can feel a bit cumbersome until you get used to them. On top of this, despite their bulkiness, the fitting isn’t made for larger hands. Those with hands like these may need to look into a different pair of boxing gloves.

As I touched on before, the inner surfaces of the gloves are made of satin, and while this is very comfortable, it can cause friction on your hands. To protect against that, you probably should wrap up your hands when wearing them – it’s a good practice anyway. Finally, until you have many hours of use, these will make your hand smell a bit like leather. This isn’t the worst thing in the world for your hands to smell like, but you should consider this before purchase.

On top of all of this, these are also made of genuine leather and are actually hand-crafted; meaning that these are a great pair of boxing gloves that will last for decades.

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