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Best Binoculars Under 500 Dollars 2022

Bushnell PowerView Surveillance Binoculars

The PowerView offers you a 20 x 55 magnification range. This means that objects are up to 20 times more magnified than what your regular vision will see.Expert Reviewer: Juan Martinez

Quick Summary:
The Bushnell PowerView Surveillance Binocs are flexible and affordable in terms of their usage.

You can use this product to bird, hunt, or even watch sports from the stands.

The PowerView is light weight, well-built, and ready to roll right out of the box.

Selecting a Great Pair of Binoculars

Binoculars are more than just tools utilized by spies in movies, right? Whether you want binoculars for nature viewing, hunting, or even just to get a close up view of the action at the stadium — we can help you out. Binoculars are easy enough to ‘get’ but they are tough to understand. So today we are going to show you how to understand the different types of binoculars before ultimately talking about one of the best models on the market: the Bushnell PowerView Surveillance Binoculars.

Understanding Binoculars

You can point out a pair of binoculars but odds are you don’t really know what all is going on under the plastic or metal housing. Binoculars are built out of two telescopes that possess glass, curved lenses. Okay, so it isn’t all that complicated but don’t worry there is more to learn.


There are a pair of numbers that you will notice attached to most binoculars that you see for sale. These two numbers are of the utmost importance and they help to define the magnification power of the device.

An example of these numbers would be 8 x 25. The “8” in that number combo is the magnification amount that the binocular offers. you. So the “8” means that objects seen through the binoculars are 8 times closer than normal. The second number, “25”, is the diameter of the lenses. So, the 25 would mean that your objective lens measures out at 25 mm. The diameter of your lens will decide how much light is allowed in, thus creating your ultimate view. The higher the number, the more light you will capture. The more light you have the better view you will see through your binoculars.

Common Sizes

Alright, so we know the most important thing about binoculars: what they do to the image in front of us. Now we are going to look at the three different types of binoculars that are most commonly available and what they are good for.

  • Compact – Compact binoculars are small, light, and typically more affordable than the other alternatives on this list. You’ll most commonly see these binoculars in the 8 to 10 magnification range which makes them great for casual viewing in both nature and otherwise.
  • Mid-Sized – Mid sized binoculars are more durable than their smaller counterparts and perfect for stationary usage. Mid sized binoculars are heavier and not as comfortable against your eyes as the next option on our list. I like Mid Sized binoculars for hunting, where you are typically posted up and stationary, or for at sporting events. You’ll see the magnification range of this style most commonly in the 7 to 10 range.
  • Full-Sized – Our final listing is the full-sized binocular. These binoculars are heavy but they pull in the most light, thus creating a benefit for folks who might be in low light scenarios. You’ll get steadier visuals with a wide range of view, thus making them ideal for nature. I particularly think that full-sized binoculars are perfect for bird watching.

Important Details

Alright, so we understand the different size options and we ‘get’ the idea of magnification and light depth. Now we need to learn what impacts your experience while using the binoculars of your choice. We’ll do some quick hits on important information that you should consider while shopping around.

  • Eye Strain – Binoculars are tools that radically alter your vision and that can cause some strain on people who aren’t prepared for it. The longer the tube of your binoculars, and the farther your eye is from the eye piece, the more strain you will deal with.
  • Exit Pupil – The ‘exit pupil’ number is used to show how bright your target will be within your binocular’s vision. You’ll see an exit pupil rating on the binoculars you look to purchase. For comparison’s sake: during low light your own pupils widen to a maximum depth of 7 mm. The darker the context of your binocular viewing, the larger the exit pupil you will want.

Bushnell PowerView Super High-Powered Surveillance Binoculars

We’ve gotten a great foundation of knowledge regarding binoculars and now we are going to talk a bit about our favorite option on the market. The Bushnell PowerView is an excellent set of binoculars with powerful magnification and a large field of view. The best part about this Bushnell product? It is hugely affordable.

We’re going to start out by talking about the giant magnification powers in this Bushnell product. The PowerView offers you a 20 x 55 magnification range. This means that objects are up to 20 times more magnified than what your regular vision will see. The 55 mm in the magnification range means that you are getting a LOT of light in through the diameter of the lens. The high diameter makes the Bushnell perfect for low light viewing.

What I fell in love with the most about the PowerView was that it offered a wide field of view (170 feet) at a viewing distance of over 1,000 yards. The Bushnell is perfect for bird viewing and nature hiking due to this wide visual range. If you are a birder then you can’t ask for much more, right? You get an up close view of the action and you won’t have to worry about steadiness due to your wide viewing range.

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