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Best Microwave Drawer 2023

Sharp SMD2470AS Microwave Drawer Oven

Speaking from experience, there’s nothing worse than when a microwave’s “expert cooking” buttons burn your meal, but this simply isn’t a problem here.Expert Reviewer: Shea Gilbert

Quick Summary:
Undisputably the best microwave drawer when it comes to features and functionality. With the push of a button, the door slides out, and the food is inserted through its top. This makes microwaving a lot easier than it is when using a traditional unit, as you don’t have to reach and balance hot plates. The allotted cooking space is significant, and in my experience, microwaving foods that would be difficult to fit inside other models is hassle-free with the SMD2470AS. Additionally, this extra space comes in handy when you’re defrosting frozen foods!

Choosing the Best Microwave Drawer

When it comes to microwaves, there are three different types. There’s the countertop, under the cabinet and drawer microwaves. The focus of this article is entirely about the Microwave Drawer style.

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What are Microwave Drawers?

As the name suggests, it’s a microwave that opens like a drawer instead of using the traditional swinging door. They are made to be installed in a lower kitchen cabinet or kitchen island inside a cutout underneath the countertop. Another popular location is under a built-in oven, making for a double oven. Kitchen remodels and new home builds often choose Microwave drawers for their sleek and elegant high-end look.

Advantages to a Microwave Drawer Oven.

Being low mounted, drawers allows for easier access to your food than a swinging door microwave would be at that height. Having top-down access to your food has many advantages as well. Unlike door microwaves, Drawer microwaves let you easily stir food midway through the cooking as you would with food on a stovetop or while on the counter. Also, many people consider them safer.

When picking up extremely hot food, the drawer style does not require you to pull the hot food towards your body like you would in a countertop or under the cabinet microwaves. Instead, you would lift the food and push it away from you.

How much do they cost?

Microwave drawer ovens tend to start around $1000.00 with high-end models often running well over 1500.00. Cost is greatly influenced by brand name, wattage, size, and a slew of different features.

Automatic Sliding Microwave Drawers.

Many models open and close using an automatic sliding feature. With most, you press a button on the glass display and it goes into action. These automatic sliding models typically do not have a handle which helps keep the recessed appearance and contributes to the kitchen having clean sightlines. Plus the automatic ones have a cool convenience factor to them and you can expect your guests to take notice and be impressed.

SMD2470AS Microwave Review

I ordered the Sharp SMD2470AS drawer-style microwave about one month ago after my last traditional-style microwave broke (or stopped working, more accurately), and I’ve been incredibly impressed with every aspect of its performance thus far. The unit looks great, is easy to install, hasn’t faltered in the face of wear and tear produced by my unusually messy children (and my clumsiness), and excellently microwaves foods—which is, of course, a good feature to find on a microwave!

Installation is Easy

Installing the SMD2470AS was a breeze. Luckily, my kitchen was already equipped with a near-perfect space for the microwave, a standard 24″ deep cabinet. The instructions are surprisingly thorough and cover virtually every aspect of the installation process. I’ve had several tough installation and set-up experiences in the past, so getting this microwave up and running provided a breath of fresh air. As long as you have an electrical outlet ready to go, don’t expect to encounter any hurdles when installing and setting up the Sharp SMD2470AS.

See it in Action

Presets and 1000 Watts of Cooking Power

Finally, the SMD2470AS is both responsive and precise in its cooking settings. Its buttons are found in a hidden control panel and respond perfectly to touch, as do its preset options. Speaking from experience, there’s nothing worse than when a microwave’s “expert cooking” buttons burn your meal, but this simply isn’t a problem here. I have cooked and warmed nearly everything imaginable, except for a whole turkey. I use this model’s presets several times per week without issue, and without having to adjust them or stop the cooking process prematurely.

control panel

It cooks thoroughly, as you won’t be left with dry food or food that’s cold in certain spots. Moreover, the model’s variable power settings can be adjusted in seconds based upon any food or product’s cooking instructions, and there’s virtually no meal that the SMD2470AS can’t cook to perfection! Seriously, since I started using this microwave, my oven has somewhat neglected, as I can produce better-tasting food in less time with the former!

A Durable Microwave

I use the SMD2470AS all the time. Foods overflow, drinks spill, and seemingly inhumane messes are somehow created inside and outside my SMD2470AS regularly. However, the microwave has, is a testament to the quality of its construction and materials, remained unaffected by these messes and their subsequent clean-ups. Its center plate can be quickly removed, washed, and put back inside, and accessing the inner-door area with a wet cloth is easy. Similarly, the outside panel’s stainless steel is tremendously resilient. It doesn’t seem to scratch or scuff even after I’ve scrubbed it with some force.

Finally, as the ultimate representation of the SMD2470AS’s endurance, consider that I’ve dropped a heavy bowl and a rolling pin both inside its open top and into its front panel. The microwave still looks new and operates flawlessly. And yes, my clumsiness has allowed both of these unintended construction tests to occur in the month or so I’ve owned the product. I feel confident in saying that this is the best microwave drawer on the market.