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Not every massage chair is able to recreate the feel of a real masseuse. The Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-06C has four massaging functions that you can choose from to give you the exact amount of pressure and type of massage therapy that you require. Expert Reviewer: Pete Zimmer

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When professional massages are not a possibility, you need a way to relieve the tension in your muscles. Let’s face it, massage chairs are expensive but buying the best massage chair can make all of the difference. The Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-06C offers a complete package of different massage options that you can customize to your specific needs.

You can choose from a Shiatsu massage, a vibrating massage, or a heated massage that soothes your entire body or focuses on a specific area. If you are looking for a top of the line massage chair for your den or living space, then the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-06C is the perfect option.

The chair comes in black, beige, brown, or red, so it will match up with most of your pre-existing décor.

Best Massage Chair 2023

Have you ever wished that you could get a massage after a long day at work? Although there are great office chairs for back pain, back braces for posture, massage chairs are great for relieving the tension in your muscles. After all, getting a professional massage is not always an option. How do you know which massage chairs are worth purchasing? I’ve taken the time to research this topic, and I discovered an amazing massage chair, in fact, the best massage chair, the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-06C. Let’s take a look at what makes this massage chair so great.

Modes and Pre-Program Abilities

This massage chair can be operated through an automatic mode or a manual one. The automatic mode will provide you with a timed massage that cycles through a few different types of massage options. You can set the automatic mode to massage your entire body, or you can adjust the settings to focus on a specific area of your body during the massage.

The manual option gives you the ability to fully adjust your massage. You can choose the type of massage you want to experience, the height of the chair, the speed, and the intensity of the massage. There are 14 different massage combinations that you can pre-set for your convenience as well as four options that are already programmed for you. The Active mode gives you a deeper massage that will really focus on the deep tissue, while relax mode gives you a softer massage that will soothe your body. You can also focus on your lower or upper back if you have issues with those areas.

Massage Technology

This chair utilizes airbag technology to massage. There are four airbags that are positioned to give you a great shoulder massage. There are eight points of focus on your calves and feet as well as four additional airbags to massage your hips and your buttocks. Your arms are a heavily focused area; in fact, there are about 24 massage points that offer six different combinations to accommodate your specific needs.

If you tend to be on your feet a lot, there are six balls in this massaging chair that are designed to focus on the soles of your feet. It is designed to focus on the pressure points of your foot, which can be a big relief after a long day. In addition, there are rollers in the chair that can be adjusted to accommodate your specific height. You can have the rollers massage your lower back, or if you have a lot of tension in your neck, you can have the rollers focus there instead.

Massage Functions On The Best Massage Chairs

Not every massage chair is able to recreate the feel of a real masseuse, but the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-06C has four massaging functions that you can choose from to give you the exact amount of pressure and type of massage therapy that you require. You can easily choose from the four settings on the chair itself, or you can utilize the remote that is included with the purchase of this chair if you prefer. Both methods of control are easy to use, so simply choose the one that you are most comfortable with.

Here are the four massage functions that you can choose from:

  • Kneading – This is a form of massage that is great for relieving the tension that has built up in your body. It can soothe away any soreness that you are experiencing by simply kneading your skin, which stretches the muscles that are located in that area.
  • Rolling – This form of massage is designed to be as close to a real masseuse’s hands as possible. It is designed to give you an intense massage that digs into your deep tissue to relieve your tension and provide utter relaxation.
  • Vibrating – Vibrating massages are not designed to reach your deep tissue, but they are actually a great way to soothe damaged or irritated nerves, relax your muscles, and help stimulate the circulation in your body.
  • Shiatsu – This type of massage is designed to stimulate your muscles, increase blood flow, and simply allow your body to relax.

Additional Functions

When you purchase a massage chair, it is always a concern that it will not work for all of the members of your family. This chair accommodates to the size of each family member. The chair has a full scanning program that takes the measurements of your shoulders and your back into account. This means that you can direct the chair to massage specific areas on your body that may be at a different height on someone else. In fact, being able to pinpoint areas that need to be focused during a massage is as close as the massage chair market has come to a personal masseuse.

In addition, the massage chair also reclines to give you additional relaxation while you are getting your massage. One aspect of the Electric Shiatsu Massage Chair EC-06C that is also worth noting is the heated back, which can provide a soothing heat therapy that can help relieve back pain that you may be feeling. It incorporates the feeling of a hot stone massage, which means that it is very soothing, especially in your lower back.

This function focuses specifically on this area, but it also can be used on your feet as well. The heat application can be turned on and off at will, so those days when you can feel a lot of extra tension in your lower back, you can relax while the heated massage relieves the pressure.


This chair is designed to be a durable solution when you are in need of a massage, so it needs to stand up to the tests of time. Another reason that the Shiatsu is the best massage chair is that it includes a generous three-year warranty. All of the electronics are covered under a one year warranty. If you have issues with the chair after the warranty expires, parts can be provided at a discounted price. You will have a ten-day 100 percent satisfaction guarantee as well that you can utilize if the chair is not up to your standards.