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Best Baby Glider for 2023 Reviewed

Graco Sterling Semi-Upholstered Glider and Nursing Ottoman

Even with months of use the Graco SterlingGlider, my top pick, glides extremely well without squeaking. This chair has no sharp edges and is finished with a non-toxic material, making it a safe choice for babies and toddlers who are exploring.Expert Reviewer: Barbara Collins

Quick Summary:
If you are planning to nurse your new baby, this glider is a great option. It has a nursing stool attached to the included ottoman, allowing moms to rest their feet while nursing. The stool tucks away when not in use, making it a versatile option for when your baby outgrows using it. It has a fully upholstered back, seat and arms, which make it extremely comfortable to use. The Graco SterlingGlider is covered in microfiber, which easily wipes clean.

Selecting a Quality Baby Glider

Getting the best baby glider for your new little one before bringing him or her home is essential to a complete nursery. Your new baby will need to eat eight to twelve times a day, will sleep 16 to 17 hours a day during the first few months and will want to be held and snuggled a lot. There is no more soothing, comfortable place for your newborn to be fed, rocked to sleep and snuggled than in your arms, moving back-and-forth in a glider.

When I brought my baby home, the only way he would go to sleep was by being rocked. We spent many hours together during his first years in our glider. Using the glider to rock and hold our baby was an especially great way for my husband, our other children and our extended family members to bond with him. We still use our glider today to read books to our older children and it’s a great place to talk to them when they need special time with mom or dad. Because they get so much use, I always recommend that my expecting friends get a baby glider. When you are looking to put the nursery together and are considering baby gliders for your growing family, keep the following features in mind to the find the best one that will last for years to come.

Even with months of use the Graco SterlingGlider, my top pick, glides extremely well without squeaking. This chair has no sharp edges and is finished with a non-toxic material, making it a safe choice for babies and toddlers who are exploring. The thick padding and tall back will make the Dutailier glider a comfortable chair for everyone in your household.


You will be spending a lot of time in the glider so choosing one that is comfortable is essential. It should have a seat that is padded and wide enough to fit you comfortably. Wide armrests, preferably padded, will be needed to give your arms a rest while rocking your baby, reducing arm stress and fatigue. In addition, the glider should be tall enough that it offers support for your head and neck while still ensuring that your feet touch the floor to move it back-and-forth.

Ease of Cleaning

Unfortunately, your glider will, at some point in time, get dirty. Babies spit-up and drool, bottles sometimes spill, diapers occasionally leak and older children can be messy. All of these parts of baby life mean that the glider will need to be cleaned. A good baby glider will be covered in a material that is easy to wipe off and doesn’t stain easily. Additionally, selecting a glider that has a seat cover that can be removed and washed separately will make cleaning even easier. I am big on cleaning and sanitizing so this is a biggie for me.


Gliders are an expensive nursery item, but they are worth the cost when they will be used in a home for many years. A good glider will be made of a strong, durable material that forms a sturdy base that has no sharp edges, no framework gaps that could cause a child to become trapped and no exposed parts that can pinch or harm a child.

Locking Mechanism

A built-in locking mechanism is preferable in a glider, which will allow the gliding component to be locked in place when standing up with your baby. The locking mechanism will also prevent curious toddlers from becoming hurt when the try to move the glider back-and-forth on their own.


While it can be tempting to buy a glider in a color that will match your little one’s nursery, the color can also make it a less versatile piece of furniture. As babies grow, often gliders get moved to the family room or den where they can be enjoyed by the whole family when reading or watching television together. A versatile glider in a neutral color may be preferred if the glider may be moved to a different room in the future.

Other Features to Consider

Gliders come with a variety of different features such as the ability to recline and swivel, side pockets for holding baby supplies and matching ottomans to be used as footrests. Determining what features will suit your family best when purchasing a glider is important so that the right one is purchased.

Final Thoughts

The perfect baby glider will make the first year of bottle feeding, snuggling and soothing your new baby much easier. It is the perfect addition to the nursery when your baby is little and will guarantee many future bonding moments as your children grow for years to come.

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