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Best Baby Car Seat Cover 2023

JJ Cole Car Seat Cover

The reason that these ‘leap proof’ covers are so popular is that they are completely flush with the car seat, easy to clean, and don’t get in the way while transporting.Expert Reviewer: Racheal Little

Quick Summary:
There is no shame in going a little old school as this JJ Cole car seat cover flashes style and substance. This cover has a peak a boo style hole in the middle and an elastic shower cap style fit to keep your child from leaping out or rolling around when you set them down. The elastic band makes for a tight fight on just about any car seat and the fabric is completely machine washable. You can remove the top of the car seat cover and wash it in a machine without having any issues. The fabric is made completely of cotton on the outside, nylon on the inside, and filled with polypropylene.

The Car Seat for Babies and Growing Children

If you are a new mother, or father, then you have already gotten used to the idea that you will be bringing your child with you pretty much wherever you go. This means that you and your infant will be spending plenty of time in transportation and this means that you will likely be lugging around a giant car seat with you.

Assuming that you have a good car seat you will likely let your baby stay in it the majority of the time while you are out and about. While this is generally preferable there are some times where you need to make additions to the car seat!

When it gets cold, or when there are other elements at play, you might need to look into getting yourself a baby car seat cover. What are baby car seat covers? What are they used for? What should you look for when buying them? Let’s find out!

What are baby car seat covers?

Car seat covers themselves are pretty self-explanatory. These are elastic or fabric based covers that fit tightly around a car seat to help shield the infant inside from the elements. These car seat covers are particularly popular in states where it rains, or snows, often as it will keep the worst of the elements out-of-the-way

Car seat covers should be completely removable so as to allow for deep cleaning to prevent the build up of germs and other dirty bacteria. Car seat covers come in many different shapes, shades, and sizes and can be purchased pretty much anywhere that specializes in infant care.

Different kinds of baby car seat covers

There are a couple of different styles of car seat covers that parents all over the world utilize. The two most popular versions are the shell cover and the elastic ‘leap proof’ style of car seat. Don’t worry, they work with stand-alone car seats and the car seat stroller combinations. Of course, if you have a stroller designed for twins… you will need to covers. Let’s dig in and see what is good and bad about them!

Shell Car Seat Covers

The shell car seat cover attaches to the car seat to provide an overhanging type of canopy. This style of infant car seat cover is a bit more bulky but more effective in keeping away snow, rain, and even the rays of the sun. While the shell does not fit as snug and does not offer true warmth, it is still a great option for those that need protection for their child.

Elastic ‘Leap Proof’ Covers

This style of infant car seat cover is cheaper and more popular than the canopy kind. The reason that these ‘leap proof’ covers are so popular is that they are completely flush with the car seat, easy to clean, and don’t get in the way while transporting. These covers fit like lids over the infant’s car seat with a hole in the middle where the child will be able to rest their head. These covers are ideal in colder climates as they impart a little bit of warmth to the user. This style of car seat cover is also commonly referred to as a ‘shower cap’ style car seat cover.

Are baby car seat covers safe?

Car seat covers are absolutely safe as long as parents follow the proper safety precautions. This means that all Velcro, buckles, and harnesses need to be attached correctly. Further more there are a few safety issues that can be prevented by simply being aware of them. Let’s take a look at common car seat cover safety issues.

Be aware of conditions!

If you have a ‘shower cap’ style car seat cover for your child then you need to be absolutely aware of the conditions you are in. When it is hot out and you are no longer in the car, perhaps just carrying your child in their seat, you may need to peel back or even take off the car seat cover. The reason is simple: even though their covers are breathable they still can stifle and cause your infant to sweat and become uncomfortable.

Always wash your covers!

Germs are a big deal for everyone and especially for small infants! Car seat covers are meant to help reduce messes and keep your child comfortable. Your car seat cover will eventually get dirty enough if given time. Spills, spit ups, and even urination can cause the cover to become pretty rancid pretty quickly. Always be sure to take your cover and clean it immediately whenever one of these messes happens. You do not want anything nasty left on the cover long enough to make your child sick.

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