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Best Baby Bottle Warmer 2023

Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System

You don’t want to give your child left over formula that has been heated twice. It’s not safe or even very nutritious. Overheated bottles are also one of the top causes of burns and scalds for young children.Expert Reviewer: Brandy Zubeta

Quick Summary:
The Born Free Tru-Temp Bottle Warming System is the Cadillac of all bottle warming options on the market and works with plastic or glass bottles. This hefty device has multiple warming options to safely warm up breast milk AND formula. The device allows for a 5 ounce bottle to be completely warm within 3 minutes. There is an easy to use front facing dial, a simple and sleek aesthetic, and a simple how-to manual included. The reservoir on this device only needs to be filled once a day for multiple warming sessions.

About Baby Bottle Warmers

When you have a child there will be many things that you have to learn on the fly. Some of that knowledge will come naturally while other knowledge comes via trial and error. You can sometimes save yourself a bit of time by studying ahead!

One of the most common issues that new parents have is that their child does not like to eat their formula. For the parents that have chosen to go the formula route, this can be devastating. Nothing can be worse than seeing your child throw a fit, due to their hunger, and not being able to help them out. Fortunately there are a few simple ways to make eating palatable to them and they all revolve around getting your baby’s bottle to room temperature.

Other warming methods.

There are many different methods to warming your baby’s bottles and all of them have their own positives and negatives. Rather than listing just the easiest methods, we have decided to compile all of the most popular bottle warming methods available online. Some of these will work great in certain situations while others may not be as practical.

Bottle Warming Method 1: Warm Water Submersion

The easiest way to warm up your child’s bottle is to submerge it in a container of warm water. For this method all that you need to do is fill up a bucket, or large bowl, with warm water from the tap. The water should be hot enough to impart heat on the formula inside but not so hot that you feel uncomfortable putting your hand in the water. Once you have the container filled up, deep enough to cover the bottle, place the bottle in the water. Make sure that the teat is off and that the bottle is capped and sealed tight. Let it sit for 15 minutes at the maximum. After that time is up you should take the bottle out and give it a vigorous shaking to make sure that the liquid is blended together and the same warmth. Next squeeze a drop of milk out onto your wrist to test the temperature. If it is a comfortable temperature then you are ready to feed.

Bottle Warming Method 2: Boiling Water Submersion

For this method you need a few kitchen supplies and some active free time. You will want to start a rolling boil on your stove or inside of your microwave. Is it safe to warm baby bottles in the microwave? No. We are just warming the water for the bottle to sit in. Two cups of water should do the trick. Once the water has boiled you will want to submerge your sealed baby bottle of formula into the liquid. Take the pan off of the stove and allow the bottle to sit in the hot water for about two minutes. After that time is up you can take the bottle out and shake it to blend the formula together. Test the milk on the inside of your wrist, like we listed above, to test for temperature. If it is still too cold, then submerge it again for another minute, and repeat the process until you are happy. When you go to feed the milk to your baby it should be slightly warmer than room temperature but definitely not hot.

Bottle Warming Method 3: Portable Bottle Warmers

Now that we have covered the most conventional ways to warm up your baby bottles it is time to dive into the techy side of things. Electric bottle warmers are a popular response to families in need of bottle warming at a moments notice. If you have to take long trips or even just go out for the day, portable baby bottle warmers can be the answer that you need. These car bottle warmers can look like sleeves, or tubes, that adapt directly into your vehicle. They will have charger cables and adapter cables to siphon power off of the car’s battery. The majority of these portable car bottle warmers will simply have you plug them in, insert your bottle, and let it sit for a few minutes. Bottle warmers for infants in the car can be a god send on a long trip.

Do’s & Don’ts of bottle warming.

Though bottle warming seems like a simple enough process there are still some practices that you want to make a habit out of. Anything that your child will eat, especially when they are so young, should be provably safe at all times. This means that you will need to take an active role in ensuring that it is stored properly if pumping and their bottles are: cleaned and sterilized after every usage, never given a bottle that was overheated, while making a habit out of always dumping leftover heated up formula. You don’t want to give your child leftover formula that has been heated twice. It’s not safe or even very nutritious. Overheated bottles are also one of the top causes of burns and scalds for young children.

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