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Best Archery Bow 2023

SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow

Insofar as aesthetics, I love the cut out that is designed into the riser. It makes the bow lighter than it would be as a solid unit, and it looks amazing with the camo design.Expert Reviewer: Todd Rivera

Quick Summary:
If you are looking for a bow that has a lot of power, speed, and accuracy, then the SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow is perfect for you. It is a little noisy, but that is the sacrifice that the company made to give you such a great value. With such a low price point, you can easily add some modifications to silence the strings and still spend less than bows that have the same feature set as this one. If you are looking for a great bow to hunt deer, birds, and other small game, do not hesitate to purchase the SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow. I have found this bow to be a great value, and I am positive you will too.

Selecting the Best Archery Bow

The thrill of hunting with the best archery bow on the market is a feeling like no other for a skilled archer. Hunting small game with a compound bow takes more skill than hunting with a gun. You need to accommodate for the wind because when the breeze is more that you are accustomed to, aiming for your target can prove to be much more difficult than it is when the air still.

Having a great bow can make the difference between whether you can hit your target or not, but which bow is the best for archery? Well, after testing out a lot of compound bows, I have come to the conclusion that the SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow is the best on the market. Let’s take a look at the bow to see what makes it so great.


This Southland Archery Supply bow is available in a few camo options as well as in plain black. I personally prefer the camo option because having a weapon that is difficult to see in the woods helps make you be more invisible to the animal that you are hunting.

This bow is only 4.4 pounds, which is slightly heavier than some of its competitors, so if you are not used to this bow weight it will affect your accuracy level. This bow will require a bit of practice if you are not used to a bow of this weight, but as a professional archer, you will appreciate the effect that it has on your shot.

To help keep the cost of this model down, the limbs have been crafted from fiberglass material. It may seem like an unusual material for a compound bow, but my research has confirmed that this is a very durable material for the bow. The riser and the cams are made out of an aluminum material that is also very durable.

Insofar as aesthetics, I love the cut out that is designed into the riser. It makes the bow lighter than it would be as a solid unit, and it looks amazing with the camo design.

Performance and Speed

The SAS Rage 70 Lbs 30” Compound Bow is a bow that is designed to be versatile, so whether you are a beginner or a pro, you will be able to make accurate shots on a fairly consistent basis. The fact that the cam on this unit is made from an aluminum material means that your shots will be smooth.

In addition, the cams on this bow allow you to stop the draw at any weight, which means that you can make sure that each shot that you make is comfortable. Having too much weight can throw off your accuracy, and this feature helps you to make adjustments anytime that you need.

That means that this bow can grow with a teenager who is learning to hunt. As they grow and their strength increases, the draw weight can be adjusted by simply moving the pins to the desired location. The pin is a great way to help a novice maintain consistency. The draw length is between 24 inches and 30 inches, so you have plenty of room to customize the bow’s draw to your specific needs.

The draw weight of this bow can be adjusted from a mere five pounds to a full 70 pounds. This bow can pack quite a punch; in fact, the arrow can fly at 270 feet per second. To get this speed, a 350-grain arrow must be shot at a 70-pound draw weight. If anything falls short of these specifications, the arrow will not fire at this rate of speed, which can mean that the arrow will not penetrate your target.

Noise and Vibration

One of the most important aspects of hunting in the woods is making sure that your prey does not know that you are around. Typically, the more you spend on a bow, the quieter your shot will be. The goal is not to be deathly silent, but you do need to make sure that your shots will not scare animals away as you are lining up the shot.

One of the ways that sound can be noticed by animals in the wild that you are hunting is through the vibration of the strings, so you need to make sure that the vibration is not excessive. This bow is relatively good in both of these aspects, but to make it a great bow for noise cancellation and vibration, simply add string dampeners and absorbing stabilizers to the unit before taking it on a hunt. If you are using this bow for target practice, silence will not be as imperative as when you are using the bow to hunt small game.

Bow Versatility

This unit was designed to be modified to make it the perfect bow for your needs. It has a number of mounting holes that can be used for sights and other add-ons that you might find useful. It is highly adjustable, so no matter whether you are an individual who is just learning how to shoot a bow or a professional archer, you will be able to adjust the bow to accommodate your personal shooting style.


This bow is only available in a right-handed model, so if you are left-handed, you are out of luck. You will either need to learn how to shoot the bow with your right hand, or you can look for a left-handed bow that is just as good.

The bow is a bit loud when it is unmodified, which makes it difficult to hunt with. I have no issues with the modified bow, so if you are taking it into the woods, make the modifications that you need. In addition, the bow is a bit on the heavy side, so you may not wish to heft it too far into the woods on a hunting expedition.

The bow string does not come waxed, which can cause the string to snap if it is not addressed before shooting the bow too many times. Strings can become dry over time, especially when they are not taken care of, so once you purchase this bow, make sure to continue to care for the strings so that they last for a longer period of time.

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