Best AR-15 Flashlight

Best AR-15 Light for the Money 2023

Feyachi FL14-MB LED Tactical Flashlight

The light is extremely strong with an output of 500 lumens covering 175 yards. It can either be used with a button push or by hooking up the pressure switch so it sits close to the trigger. This makes this flashlight prepared to cut through any darkness as well as offering ease of use.Expert Reviewer: Todd Rivera

Quick Summary:
While this isn’t the flashiest AR 15 light, it is probably the most durable and compact light for the cost.

Similar costing or more expensive flashlights boasted one or two more features than the Feyachi FL14-MB but have real durability concerns and are bulkier and heavier.

It can be difficult to choose what to buy when it requires to give and take, but I always go with the higher quality product over the additional features.

Selecting a Quality AR 15 Light

When buying a flashlight for the AR 15, you want to make sure that you get a high-quality product. It is also likely that you aren’t looking to shell out tons of cash in order to get one. It is a low-frequency use item for most people so it isn’t necessarily a priority. How do you know what’s the best light to buy for a reasonable amount of money? Below I’ve listed the different characteristics to look for in a flashlight and my recommendation for the best light for your money.


You never want your gun to feel too heavy while using it. Keeping the weight down on your flashlight can allow you to keep the other necessary mounts you want to available without bogging you down. A heavy light will also have an impact on your weapon handles, potentially decreasing your accuracy. The lighter the weight, the less it will have an effect on your handling. It is typically true that a heavier flashlight also means a larger impediment toward your vision. Lighting up a dark room won’t help if you can’t get a good sightline on your target or your gun is too heavy to maintain for long periods of time.

Light Brightness

There are a couple of things to consider when it comes to brightness. Most manufacturers recommend flashlights that give off 100-500 lumens, so you want to find something within that range. I personally think that 100 lumens is a bit too low because the point of the light is to make your target visible. Although a brighter light could tip off your location, a face full of light can blind or disorient an opponent. If possible, look for a light that has a couple of adjustable settings so you can change it according to your needs.


If you are in a dark, harsh environment, you want to be sure that your flashlight stands up to the beating it might receive. Look for a light that is made with a durable casing and that is recoil proof. Nylon polymer and high strength aluminum cases should help keep your flashlight working even after receiving impact. There’s nothing worse than having your flashlight break when you really need it.

Control Location

This is an important factor for many AR 15 users. You probably don’t want to have to reach forward in order to turn on your flashlight, especially in a particularly sticky situation. Sometimes you don’t want to keep the light on but rather quickly sweep an area with the beam to orient yourself and maintain your cover. It serves as a better tactical advantage to have control switch near the trigger so you control the light with little effort and distraction.

Mounting Location

Where you want the flashlight to be mounted comes down to 2 main components. Where you want the weight of the light to be located and what position will least obscure your view. It is important in this case to probably try out a few different lights and mounting locations so you can get a feel for what fits your handling best. Whether you position it on the rail, the bottom or on a side of the barrel, test what feels comfortable and allows you to a clear sightline.

Laser or No Laser

Although generally not as important as the other factors to consider, you’ll have to decide on whether you’d like your flashlight to include a laser. Despite not being as essential, having a laser can provide a unique tactical advantage. They have also been shown to improve the shooter’s accuracy as well as confidence which can be helpful in a tense situation.

Why the Feyachi FL14-MB is the best AR 15 Light for the Money

Although this AR 15 flashlight doesn’t have all the bells and whistles such as a laser or adjustable light settings, it makes up for it with its price, durability, and light brightness. The Feyachi FL14-MB is an excellent tactical flashlight at the low price point of $60. Unlike many other flashlights, this one is not all flash but is ready to endure a hard day’s work.

The light is extremely strong with an output of 500 lumens covering 175 yards. It can either be used with a button push or by hooking up the pressure switch so it sits close to the trigger. This makes this flashlight prepared to cut through any darkness as well as offering ease of use.

At 3.4 oz heavy (without batteries) and 5 inches long, this flashlight is an excellent weight and size. It’s made to fit standard Picatinny rails and won’t be so large as to block your sightlines. The low weight (most flashlights are closer to 6-8 oz) makes for a light that won’t affect your handling while aiming.

The Feyachi FL14-MB’s durability might be its greatest strength. The flashlight’s LED emitter is incredibly durable and recoil proof. The casing of the light is high strength aluminum and is waterproof. The money you spend on a light won’t be worth it if it stops working after a couple uses.