Westport Adult Folding Tricycle

Best Adult Tricycle 2023 – Perfect for Seniors and Disabled

Westport Adult Folding Tricycle

The trike can be easily ridden on bike paths, level trails, paved streets, driveways, and sidewalks. Its turning radius is sharp and the trike’s lightweight nature makes it easy to operate.Expert Reviewer: Ida Perkins

Quick Summary:
The Westport model is capable of being folded, which allows the tricycle to save space and be stored almost anywhere when not in use.

This is essential if you have a garage full of junk or live in an apartment or condo. Just fold the trike in half, to the side, by using the latch in the middle which helps in bending the front wheels of the trike towards the back wheels.

Selecting an Adult Tricycle

If you are trying to figure out which adult tricycle you should buy, you can’t go wrong with the Kent Westport Adult Folding Tricycle. Kent International is the tricycle’s American manufacturer, headquartered in Parsippany, New Jersey. They produce and distribute bicycles and accessories throughout the world and assemble over 500 bicycles a day in their South Carolina factory since 2014. As an overall leader in bicycle manufacturing, the brand is worth pursuing because of the company’s ability to provide a strong framework and stable tricycle design.

As a three-wheeled model, the Westport is made for adults, though the elderly, heavier adults (300 pounds maximum) and children with special needs, who require the balance that a tricycle provides, can ride and use this model without major effort. Both novice and more seasoned riders will enjoy the ease of using this tricycle model. It is great for exercise, leisure, running errands, sightseeing, and conveying pets and everyday items. It is perfect for seniors and others simply wanting to be outdoors to gain strength, mobility and maneuverability but would have trouble riding a street bike.

In spite of the tricycle not being as large as a regular bicycle, its smaller size accommodates almost any rider as its steel frame and linear pull brakes provide for both a safe ride and quick stopping power. In addition, its 20 inch wheels make the trike less awkward to maneuver so individuals who find larger wheels a hindrance, or fear toppling over, can rest assured that the trike will remain steady. The entire tricycle weighs a little over 55 pounds, has an elegant, classic appearance, metallic color, and measures 46 x 26 x 69 inches.

The trike can be easily ridden on bike paths, level trails, paved streets, driveways, and sidewalks. Its turning radius is sharp and the trike’s lightweight nature makes it easy to operate. Riders who have used the trike are impressed with its frame, step-through design and suspension fork that cushions the ride when encountering bumps, potholes, and other obstacles.

I not only like the tricycle’s comfortable, adjustable and padded seat design, which is extra-wide for almost any size rider, but the adjustable handlebars as well. They make it easy for a shorter or taller person to change the bar height for comfort and maneuverability. The open, step-through design immediately caught my eye as it makes getting on the trike a simple process. It helps a rider to quickly adapt to riding a three-wheeled trike as well as acclimating to an everyday riding routine.

There is no end to this trike’s user-friendly design as it is accessorized with a large cargo basket attached to the back of the trike, which can accommodate groceries, schoolbooks, backpacks, laptops, valises, small suitcases, packages, pets and other items. A person doesn’t have to worry about leaving a small dog or cat at home or with a pet sitter when Fido or Fifi can be easily transported on a trike ride for a morning or afternoon break.

Bike Accessories for the Westport are available through Kent International and include seat covers, pumps, bike locks, horns, bells, streamers, safety flags, mirrors, water bottle holders, helmets, handlebar baskets, and comfort grips as well as replacement parts, tools, and repair kits. Videos for assembly and repair issues are also available as are owner’s manuals and tips for regular maintenance and other concerns.

The benefits of the Westport adult tricycle as one of the best adult tricycles of choice for any bike enthusiast or consumer consist of its obviously sturdy, secure and fashionable design as well as its wide, adjustable cushioned seat, its suspension, the folding mechanism for storage and its large basket cargo compartment, which can convey almost anything. The trike also has a one-year limited warranty, and quality customer service that is available through mail, phone (800 number), email, and fax. Customer satisfaction is a priority with Kent, and they commit to assistance through the lifetime of all their products, which entails product maintenance, new product information, product support and safety tips. Kent wants to provide its riders with all the input they need to get the most out of their bike purchase.

One drawback with the Westport is its single speed option which can be a hindrance to those who would like to ride uphill, ride faster, and ride on less level surfaces such as gravel, but the exercise benefits outweigh the gear inconveniences and road surface issues. In addition, a tricycle’s steering, as opposed to a bicycle’s, is completed by actually turning the handle bars rather than leaning as would be done with a regular bicycle. So, there are adjustments in the initial learning process with trike steering. Though the folding mechanism for the Westport is both innovative and handy, there can be difficulties storing the trike in more confined spaces because of the inability to efficiently compact the rear wheels, handlebars and rear cargo basket.

The Kent Westport is at the high-end spectrum of adult tricycles and though lower end tricycles have similar features and contain added gears/speed levels, those tricycles are still not comparable to what the Westport has to offer through solid steel construction and superior stability. Westport’s craftmanship is above the rest, and its ease of operation makes it more attractive than other tricycles that are flimsy constructed, made of low-quality aluminum and alloy materials, present assembly difficulties, have faulty braking mechanisms, are larger and heavier, contain uncomfortable seats, and have limited customer service and warranties.

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